Oh Crap. It’s Spring time again.

Hi yaaaaaa!~

Why Spring? Spring..Season of love..?

I guess so.

Since my last post…on Gu Family Book.. I have been busy. Busy with life and work. Went here and there.. yada yada yada.. Yeah.. Excuses. LOL

Anyway, this 2014 Spring also…I saw some really awesome line-up of…. Korean drama and new variety shows. Woot!

Before I proceed any further… right now, I’m scrutinizing my  harddisk now.. yeah..I want to list out those dramas and variety shows I’ve watched since my last post. *ehem. mind you..those drama are the ones that I managed to finished yaaaa~ LOL*

Okey…here we goes…

1) Nine (TVN)

2) I Hear Your Voice (SBS)

3) Answer Me, 1997/Reply 1997 (TVN)

4) Answer Me, 1994 (TVN)

5) Master’s Sun (SBS)

6) The Heirs (SBS)

7) Let’s Eat (TVN)

8) I Need Romance 3 (TVN)

9) My Love From Another Star (SBS)

10) Return of Superman (KBS) – Variety

11) K-Pop Star 3 (SBS) – Variety

12) WIN (MNET) – Variety

13) WINNERTV (MNET) – Variety

Huh? That’s all? Yup. That’s all I managed to finish up.

Halfway and never get to watch the ending…

1) You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin (KBS)

2) Medical Top Team (MBC)

3) Dating Agency Cyrano (TVN)

And those I haven’t got time to watch it and heard good reviews on it are..

1) Miss Korea (MBC)

2) Two Weeks (MBC)

3) Secret Love (KBS)

4) The Blade and Petal (KBS)

Those I watched first two episodes (or in some rare cases, managed to watched until 6th or 8th or 10th episodes?) and gave up..are….

1) Mirae’s Choice (KBS)

2) The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS)

3) One Warm Word (SBS)

4) Jang Ok Jung (SBS)

So far, in my humble opinion..TVN have produced a very good quality dramas so far. I really love Let’s Eat! OMG!! I need to do review on that! Wohhooooooo!~

Owh! I almost diverted from my original intention of this post…. which are…Spring dramas…

You bet, spring dramas would make…those butterflies will be hitting your stomach’s wall all the time huh? No..nahhh…you can dream…but reality? Those heavy and filled with tension and ‘make me anxious’ dramas..Pfffttt… like…

Three Days (SBS)

Emergency Couple (TVN)

God’s Gift: 14 Days (SBS)

Bride Of The Century (TV Chosun)

Again..I have not jumped yet into these drama’s bandwagon. Again. Excuses. ME TIME NO.

Oh crap.. I remembered… I have watched Bride Of The Century…halfway. I blamed my hormone…refused to face the reality. LOL. Makes me do not want to continue watching it diligently. Don’t get me? Owh..you need to watch it first..then you’ll know what I meant with  “refused to face the reality”. LOL  *wink*

Can you hear my ovaries exploded? Not yet. Since I have not watch Yoochun yet on Three Days.

I shall start today.

But I need to plan for my next trip.. (Excuse #1)

And I need to do my income tax submission (Excuse #2)

Oh! CN Blue dominates my ME time now (Excuse #3)

I got work to do (Excuse #4)

Screw all that! Going to watch Emergency Couple tonight.



Oh before that, let me introduce to you all..my handsome vampire. He is not human. He is vampire. I kid you not *Credit to the picture owner*


Annyeong? LOL


Missing You Already


Totally. *2 THUMBS UP*

Okey..Now, I will try my very best not to disclose any spoiler on I Miss You (IMY) or Missing You.

I finished watching IMY on last weekend. Totally awesome. My IMY marathon starts on Saturday morning until Sunday evening. From episode 13 until 21. Totally worth a wait. Perseverance sometimes..does makes me blissfully happy.

On the next day after the final episode was aired, I asked my eonnies, fellow JYJers on twitter..’Is it happy ending?’ Their answer was yes..I was relieved. So freaking relieved. For real. If not, I will smash my lappy or anything. LOL. I can be vicious sometimes. LOL. Or curse God of Drama..and the scriptwriter/screenwriter too. HAHAHAHA. Thank god, it was good ending. I am not greedy. I am thankful for the ending. To Mr (or Miss or Mrs) Moon Hui Jung, Kamsahamida.

I was biting my lips throughout the last episode. My heart thumping very fast and I keep screaming ‘OMG, can you two just get married!’


I am totally in love the chemistry between Eun Hye and Chunnie. Chunnie..makes my heart flutters. Eun Hye makes me want to be her. *ehem…get to cuddle Yoochunnie, of course*

Strangely enough, I’m not feels any age gap between both of them. It feels..so…can I say this…PERFECT? No..no..it is too strong. I can say..they are compatible. LOL.

I asked my senior, who watched this drama too..what are her thoughts on the drama? She said..IMY is…the most saddest korean drama in this century. I have to agreed on that. Apparently, the storyline, the story development makes your heart breaks. It is indeed..a tear-jerking drama. She said to me..because the drama is so sad, she almost give up on the 8th episode. Because it is so sad! She decided to continue after too much deliberating. I feel you, sunbae. HAHAHAHA

For this drama, I don’t know why, I keep asking other people opinions. I want their feedback and thoughts on the drama…

I asked more people…

My niece.

She’s watching IMY every week. Never fails. Cried every episode. Never fails.

Her thoughts on this drama…

Really good. She was thinking to strangle Harry Borrison all the time. LOL. I second that, Harry Borrison makes me want to slap him and shut him up in dungeon or leave him in deep forest. So he can live with monkey..or get eaten by the lion. HAHAHAHA. My wild imagination. LOL.


The combination of these 3 awesome actors and actress..really makes this drama..wholesome. Triple combo.

Yoochunnie..again..at his level best already. He keeps on getting better. His acting skills..I could not see any lacking. (I am not biased here, LOL)

EunHye..I think this drama is her best one yet. I followed her development in acting world since Goong or Princess Hours. I still remembers her from her Baby VOX days.

Yoo Seung Ho.. Used to be label as child-actor..I saw him grows tremendously awesome. Bye Seung Ho-ah, please take care and come back as matured adult. Oh, he will serve for the compulsory military service after the drama ended. I hope he will become more awesome than now. It is good move going to military early and while you’re still hot and demanding. *two thumbs up*

So after this..the critics will shuts their mouth up. Those singers that turned actors..can be equally awesome as others actors and actress out there.

Let’s not forget on the extras/supporting..The moms, the stepmom, the stepsister, the wife/partner, the manhwa creator, the ahjusshis. All of them are really awesome. They played their role really well. Maybe..because of the directing..and the script. I am not sure. I wish I can critics more. LOL.

The twist on the last part..really awesome…I like it so much!! ‘What would have happened if we met like this?’ OMG!! It will be less dramatic, I guess. LOL.

For the OST…my favorite song on this drama is..the award goes to *drum rolls, 두구!두구!두구!두구!*

Awesome singing from Jung DongHa of Boohwal. I know him from Immortal Songs 2. He got a voice that really can makes you cry. Seriously. Just listen (or is it just me? LOL). A rock singer can be mellow and sorrowful. GAAAAHHHHH!!~ I cried when I heard this song for the first time. This song really fits into the drama really well.

On the ratings department…IMY was on #2. For me…this drama should be number 1. I think, people shifted to watch Jeon Woo Chi on KBS because of those people in Korea cannot stand to cry every episode. LOL. My guess. HAHAHAHA. It’s okey, since the drama was on reign for several weeks. Losing to Jeon Woo Chi..it was small matter.  The screenwriter of Jeon Woo Chi..makes the story more spicy. LOL. Could not blame them. In the name of the game.

Somehow, I’m glad they don’t extend the episodes of IMY. For me..eventhough how much I love Yoochunnie…the extension is not necessary. Nooooooo!!~ Do you want me to cry a bucket again? If they do extend..I don’t see on which area or scenes they can extend more. For me…the last part was really nice and on spot!! Totally. On the right time..right track..and on the right emotion.  I don’t complaint much.

Anyway, do you have any idea how much I cringed, pulls my hair, each time Yoochunnie hugs Eun Hye? Or when Eun Hye put her head on Chunnie’s chest on the hospital scene? Or..when he kissed her..like really passionately…lovely..OMG!! I ran out of words already!! This is crazy.

Yoochunnie makes my heart flutters. Does he did that to you too? I wonder.


Let’s  erase all those bad memories and make a new one.. “swaaaaaaaaa”


Toodles!! Oh! Thank you for the emotional ride. LOL

Credit to the pictures owners! Thank you!

I Miss You..Like Crazy

I miss you..or 보고싶다.. I heard this phrase back in 2003..When the famous drama Stairway to Heaven was really hit during that time. Once upon a time. OMG. I really like Kwon Sang Woo that time. So handsome! The haunted song too..보고싶다 by Kim Bum Soo. OMG. His voice..Make me want to cry.

Anyway..I Miss You..the drama. That currently aired on MBC. It can be watch online too. Especially on Maadu. I caught my sister watch the drama yesterday. Heol. LOL.

Replacing Arang & The Magistrate previously. Currently on top of Wednesday-Thursday drama slots rating. Huraaaayyyy!! Manse!!!

The main casts.

Park Yoochun, my Yoochunnie.

Yoon Eun Hye.

Yoo Seung Ho

Awesome cast. Love it!!

I really like the chemistry between Yoochunnie and Eun Hye. They will make a very good couple real life!!

I have to admit. I am bit biased when it comes to Yoochun or JYJ. I believe in my heart that this drama will be daebak. Totally awesome.

I am totally right!!

This drama is totally AWESOME!!

I have confession to make. I stopped watching this drama until episode 13. Why? Let me tell you why. I want it to be completed first and not to suffer with pain and agony of waiting for the next episode. And this drama needs my whole attention. LOL. How matter tempted I am, I must keep myself in check. LOL. Totally cannot stand it whenever I watch the short clips of the drama and accidentally read the spoiler. Grrrrr… This drama is totally awesome. OMG..please let it be a good ending…

The plot and development of story are really good. Yoochun is at his best.. ever.. acting in this drama (I am not biased, based on my observation actually. Seriously, LOL). I have nothing bad to say. Except, my only complaint is that I need more than a box of tissue when watching this drama. I started to cry from Episode 1 until 12. Call me drama queen and whatnot. This drama really makes me cried. They are really good actor and actress..Makes me cry a barrel or bucket. Whatever it is.

Please, jebal..god of drama. I want this drama to have happy ending. I had enough of crying already 😦


Drama Drought

Hi All!!

After soooooooo long, I’m finally back in blogging world!! yeeeeee haaaa!!!

Anyway..Literally, I was too busy with my work nowadays. Been watching K-Drama on and off but have not blogging about it. *read:-Lazy*

I feel oblige to my readers (do I have any? LOL), so I decided to be back. *Throws confetti*


What are on my list of K-Drama nowadays?

I have been religiously following..

1) I Miss You or in hangul, 보고싶다. The main lead actor. Ehem… Yoochunnie!! I cried a bucket from the first episode until 12th

red lips perfect smile

2) Cheongdamdong Alice or in hangul, 청담동 앨리스. Moon Geun Yeong and Park Si-Hoo as main lead. I laughed so hard while watching the first 2 episodes. Park Si-Hoo..is so damn funny.


And…that’s all.

Yeah. I am that busy.

Since I have increasingly expanding my circle of friends, that shared the same obsession as me on K-Drama..they have suggested to me to watch these drama mentioned below:-

1) May Queen

2) My Daughter, Seo Yeong

3) School 2013

4) Jeon Woo Chi

5) King of Drama

6) Full House Take 2

To tell you guys the truth.. I had been peeking/squeezed my time to watch Full House Take 2, until episode 4 and then stop. Do not get me wrong or anything. It is an interesting drama. I am just too consumed with other things. No Il Woo…needs my undying devotion and concentration. LOL

And School 2013..I watched it 4 days ago..over KBS World. It is good drama. Interesting and colorful casts, I might say..

My Daughter Seo Yeong..yesterday.. Just to watch cameo of Yang Yoseob of B2ST. LOL.

Owh! I need to catch up! It was a lot!!

It is end of the year already. Too many 방송 to watch. Need to cramp it all…to watch it. Like SBS Gayo Daejun or MBC Gayo Daejun. Watched KBS ones..enjoyed the performance by Boohwal’s Jeong Dongha performance and B2ST. That’s all. Looking forward for the remaining two Gayo Daejun.

On Variety show… Owh, did I mentioned I am totally in love with Shinhwa Broadcast? OMG! They are all so damn funny! I laughed so hard while watching every episode. I am totally love them all. They are totally in their league in variety world. *salute* . Below are my hit list of variety shows nowadays:-

1) Shinhwa Broadcast (SB)

2) Running Man

3) We Got Married

4) The Romantic and Idols (This one is actually, a reality show..not so much of variety, but I’d categorized it under variety show though)

5) The Immortal Songs

Again..to be honest. I have stopped watching SB on episode 39. Need to catch up. It is kind of hard to watch SB with english subtitles online. But I found one site that provide me the hardsubbed ones. I enjoyed it immensely. Just patiently waiting and meanwhile, watching the raw ones. I still laughed like crazy hyena. And I am officially have my bias in Shinhwa. Hyesung Oppa. I told everybody that, it is kind of refreshing feeling that finally you got a bias that you can called him OPPA. LOL.


The feeling is sooooooo nice…..Hyesungie Oppa!

OMG! I need to run now…TTYL. Toodles!!!

P.S:- Credit to the pictures owner. I do not own the pictures. *wink*

Long Live..BROMANCE!~

I love bromance. I already predicted some interesting bromance will be happened between of casts..in my favorite drama..Dr. Jin & Rooftop Prince. And there are BROMANCE in the air!!! Yahhhhooooooo!!!!!!!

LOL. Now, I’m grinning like a lunatic. I am so happy. Really..I do..not literally.


Dr. Jin…Since the beginning, starting from the PC, Seung Hun Oppa already make his bromance moves with Lee Bum Soo Ahjushi. 🙂 And then..throughout the filming of the drama…they already…make…what shall we called it..perhaps.. three-some brotherhood? LOL. Dr. Jin’s Musketeers! Really? Daebak! WOOWOWOWOW.

Holding hands together already?? wOW
They really do looks like three-some bromance. LOL. Dr. Jin’s 3 Musketeers 🙂

Beside that, since Jaejoongie is such a friendly and nice guy, he already make his bromance with other fellow co-actors..Cool~. I love it!! He even tweeted several of  selca of him and the co-actors. Good sign…

Cute…Modern fusion. LOL
Cute Jaejoongie LOL

Now we move on to… Rooftop Prince…If on-screen relationship between the evil half-brother Tae Moo (Tae Sung) with Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong was a bit shaky, but…off-screen…they are like truly BROTHERS! Yoochun affectionately called Tae Sung, ‘hyung’. they even hang out and drinking together. LOVE it..

I want more this kind of bromance….Please give me more. LOL. Yeah..I’m greedy.

Check this out Yoochun’s tweet. He got ‘that’ kind of relationship with Tae Sung

Sleepy head Yoochunnie with Tae Sung, a.k.a. the evil Tae Mu

OH MY GOD. I am so into this bromance thing. Do they have cure for this? HAHAHAHA. I think..I am a freak! HAHAHAHA!~

Before I end my post…

How can I forget this famous bromance….between the famous Joseon’s quartet..Sungkyunkwan’s F4 famous quartet..None other than..Soong Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In. OMG. They really look good together. Yoo Ah In & Soong Joong Ki have this somehow awkward friendship since they were nominated as best couple in KBS Drama Awards, 2010. LOL LOL LOL. They both came and supported Yoochun in JYJ’s concert last year..but look really awkward together. THANK GOD!!!~ They are back together now…IN CF!!! How cool is that??? They look so cute..check these pictures out. Love them~!

OMG! OMG! Love them both in this CF!~

Let’s have another one picture..shall we…

Gosh! They make me want to have that..polaroid camera. 🙂

Last but not least….I LOVE THIS SO FREAKING MUCH!~ SO CUTE!~ gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LOL LOL LOL. Cool Joong Ki. Bashful Ah In. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owner. Thank you very much.

What Is Wrong With These People??

OMG. Again…malicious attack towards JYJ began.

What is freaking wrong with these people? Are they jealous of sky-rocketed popularity of our JYJ? Junsu with his successful musical and solo album coming up. Come along, our Yoochun that get all praised for his outstanding acting performance in the RTP and always get love calls for CF. Meanwhile, Jaejoong that expanded his horizon to another drama project and become composer again for Junsu’s solo album. Emm…jealous much. I know it.. JYJ popularity really rising over the whole globe. More than any of their artists can ever achieved. Pfffttttt~ jealousy… I can list of millions of JYJ’s achievement here. I know one fact for sure, they cannot contradict the popularity of JYJ now. They cannot deny it. Can’t. Just can’t.

Are those vermin desperate? Since their artists are not at par with JYJ? They keep on trying to tarnish JYJ’s image. Gaaahh~~~

I hate that Dispatch reporter…He wrote about Yoochun again, about his enlistment.Please do not click to any articles on this matter. Those people are horrible. They just plain mean. Allegedly saying Yoochun is faking his health status? Or the authority being stupid enough on the judgement of Yoochun’s health status? OMO! Stupid moron! If you don’t know about asthmatic attack or asthmatic…then.. those people are such an ignorance fool. It pains me..I know the feeling, perfectly, on  having your loves ones suffered with asthmatic.

Please read here for further details.

I hope JYJ will stay strong together against all these attacks. Those people are persistent. Damn. I hate them. Please rot in hell.

JYJ On Variety/Music Show..Is It Too Much To Ask?

This morning, while I am driving in my car to the train station, I was listening to JYJ’s songs. Suddenly, I was wondering, how many months now JYJ was not appeared in any music shows or variety show so to speak?? I am so pissed. I was like, ‘arrrgghhhhhh’ why and when we can stop all this madness? I want to see them in those show! Music shows! Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core,  or anything!

During my Korean Language class last Monday, one of my classmates said that she just got back from South Korea for a 1 week trip. She is the one that I said previously in my twitter, that SM/OT5 lover. She said she managed to enter one of a music show called Music Core. She said, she want to watch that EXO-K performance. I was like…WTH, man! I was so jealous of her and can’t stop myself wishing JYJ to perform on that stage. 😦

I watched Running Man (RM) and other variety shows. I love variety shows. Those shows are funny, light-hearted and de-stressful medium for me. I am so hooked up with Running Man. I love Yoo Jae Suk a.k.a The Grasshopper. He is truly the Number One National MC in Korea. He deserved that title. Anyway, each time I watched RM, I want to see JYJ in it, running around, making jokes and show off their excellent variety skills. I know 1 fact that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are really funny in variety shows! OMG, you can see it in most their previous variety shows appearance when they with TVXQ before. They are hilarious, handsome and not forgetting, cheerful. I love them. I came across in youtube, variety show called Family Outing of SBS. Yoo Jae Suk was the MC. There was 1 episode that have Yunho and Junsu as guest. I love it. Junsu was so funny, I was cried laughing like mad. From this show, Junsu admitted that his IQ was less than 100! I doubt that. LOL. There is another one variety show..called Happy Together on KBS. Again, Yoo Jae Suk as the main MC. I like this show too. I came across with the episode that got Jaejoong and Yoochun. OMG, they are so freaking funny! I was clapping and laughing..again..like mad. In short, JYJ really got variety skills. The best.

I cannot help but to wish for them to appear in any variety shows. Or music program. When I watched Win Win, I always imagined that JYJ was seated on that couch, interviewed by Sugeun, Seong Woo, GiKwang. Or in Strong Heart, interviewed by the MC. Or in Infinity Challenge.. or in any variety shows! OMG. Is it too much to ask? You’ll might end up got the highest rating ever for your show if featured JYJ on it! Gaaaahhhh~~ I do not know when will this SM shit intervention will end. I’m fed-up and so mad to those people in entertainment world, broadcast company who are stupid enough to succumb to those vermin or good-for-nothing people. Their artists is not that good, for god’s sake!~ You will not lost even 1/4 of your viewers by not featuring their artist, believe me.

Is it too much to ask?