The Equator Man Caught Me Off Guard

Equator Man

When I saw the title, The Equator Man, I need to pronounce it correctly first. It is E-Quay-tor. LOL.

Anyway. This drama…what should I say…emm…melodrama, intense and makes me keep pulling my hair and said ‘arrggghhhhh’ for hundredth of times. I do. Seriously. This drama is truly intense. Grrrrrr…. I don’t expected this will happened to me at all. I have no expectation towards this drama when I’m watching it for the first time.

As usual, I will try my very best not to disclose too many spoiler for those who might came across with this blog and not watch this drama yet.

Let’s see the casts, shall we..

Alpha Guy. Smoking, cool, hot, older guy, Uhm Tae Woong. LOL~ I always love younger man/boys. LOL

Uhm Tae Woong. To tell you the truth, I have not watched any of his drama/movies before Equator Man. I saw him from 2 days 1 night variety show on KBS World only. I came to know him from the show. I always thought he was a person that was laid back, laughed earnestly at others’ people jokes and yet got emitted some sort like good person persona. I don’t pay much attention on him though. Don’t mind me, in 2 days 1 night, my eyes always fixated on Lee Seung Gi. LOL. I tend to ignored other casts too. LOL. Please…on Equator Man…he’s the man! Unbelievable acting skills! Maybe, it comes with the age. The older you get, the more matured your acting skills will be. In this drama…I called him…the Alpha Man a.k.a. Gim Seon U. I do not know how on earth he can acted like a blind man. Totally outstanding! I was totally amazed. Not foot acting or anything. Totally acted like a blind man.  Just..WOW!~

The Beta Man. Delicious Lee Joon Hyuk. Yes~ I'm greedy. Grrrrrrr~ I want to bite him.

The Beta Man. Wow. One of the most handsome man in K-Drama World, Lee Joon Hyuk. The handsome prosecutor from City Hunter. I still can’t recover that he died in City Hunter. Bitter! Bitter! Bitter! Irony enough, in Equator Man, he is acting as Lee Jang Il, the star prosecutor. I was like…prosecutor again?~! LOL .Wow. I bet, now he can become the prosecutor in real life. kekekekeke. Him in this drama? Again…he is good. I got nothing to say about his acting. It seems that in Equator Man, his acting was blossomed tremendously compared to his acting in City Hunter.I really pitied and sorry for him in this drama. He’d been threatened and cornered by several people and make him do the unthinkable things. I am so pissed!!! Arrggghhhh~~

So sweet of her.~
So sweet of them~ Gaaahhh~

How can we forget about the heroine right? We got…Lee Bo Young. Again, I am sorry for my ignorance, I have not watched many of her previous drama or movies, except Save The Last Dance For Me (which I stopped watching it after the 5th episode). I am kind of…like her in Equator Man. She’s pretty, tall and  got that sweet innocence look that I love it so much. The feeling is like feeling of ahjussi that like IU.. I have that kind of affectionate feeling towards this eonnie. LOL. Sweet. I love her!

We got..the great painter Choi Su Mi. Played by Im Jung Eun. I have not watched any of her shows/drama/movies. She is a good actress as well. In this drama, I think people can easily hate her and at the same time..pitied and rooting for her silently. I do. LOL. I got nothing much to talk about her or anything, just hope she will get another great project after this drama. 🙂

Extended casts..

Hyun Woo-ah, Noona really like you, did you know that? 😀
Hyun Woo-ah, Noona even put 2 of your pictures here. Noona like you so much.~ LOL

Woot!~ Woot!~ Don’t make me start it. I love the younger/teen version of those 4 main casts I mentioned above. We start with….Lee Hyun Woo as the younger version of Gim Seon U. OMG. I would like to have him as my dongsaeng or make him my nephew or anything! He is so adorably cuteeeee~! I want to cried when he cried. *dramatic much eh~*. Anyway, I am soo….in love with him.

Siwan, cuteness overloaded~ Gaaaaahhhhh~

And then we have, Siwan…k-pop group,ZEA’s cutie pie as younger Lee Jang Il. Siwan have already make a mark on K-drama world with his appearance.  I mean, come on guys, he is more than a good looks, his acting is quite impressive too. Not just jumping up and down dancing. I saw him several times on variety show. He got that shy guy trait that I swear noona like me would love him more for that. Did anyone saw him in The Moon That Embrace The Sun? He is the younger version of Hye Yeom. Gaahhh~ I like him in that drama. In Equator Man, Siwan really pull it off. I was…some sort like..hate him with his selfishness attitude. Siwan is really damn good!

I want to talk more about the extended cast but those 2 roles I said earlier really make a hard impression on me. I was totally hooked up with this drama because of these 2 magnificent good looking cute young man. LOL. *crazy’s noona alert*. I mean, they really can make me glued to the drama, this drama is quite heavy to my liking and yet they make me wanting to watch more…They are really damn good. Please give them much love. I’m rooting for them to act more in future k-drama. :D. Oh, Please, Drama God. LOL

I like this drama. I like it like I like to have a chocolate when I am craving for one. When you got it, it was totally satisfying.It quenched my thirst for a good melodrama drama. *I have no idea what the hell I talked about here* Nevertheless, KBS have acquired a really good drama.I did not expected this at all.  Equator Man is a good drama.

Now…please tell me how on earth I am going to stay still when my nights are hunted by these good dramas? Damn. I love this feeling! I need more! Yeah, I am totally greedy.


Disclaimer: I don’t own these drama. Credit to the owner & KBS. Thank you very much.