Dr. Jin Part 3

Thank god! They decided to drop ‘Time Slip’… I am not keen of that words anyway. THANK GOD!~

Wow. Just..wow..

I knew it! I just knew it! Lee Bum Soo ahjusshi and Jaejoong will shine in the drama. Totally. I mean..unbelievably cool and good acting from these 2 awesome person. 🙂

1st episode…I watched it via live streaming. Not pick up any words of it since it’s Joseon sageuk. Later, I watched it with subtitles. Started off in Joseon era then dragged to the future with Dr. Jin’s story. The story become suprisingly good after too much information on the first episode. I become obsess all of sudden. Anticipated on the storyline and the story are kind of unpredictable. I can’t guess what will happened next. Just wow. I watched live streaming of the 1st 2 episode and after that, I decided not to watch live streaming anymore. The buffering thingy was testing my patience to the maximum level. LOL. Rather wait for few days for better video quality and good subtitles. 🙂 Can’t believe it myself either, I can managed to stay calm not to watch this drama as soon as possible. Hahahhaa..Patience is virtue. LOL

My 1st impression on this drama…I was talking to myself..okey…this is good. Oppa Seung Hun seems good so far…but after that…his expression and acting kind of  lame to me. LOL. I was like, ‘What?? Man..you shouldn’t be like that!’  Pffftttttttttttttt!~ And..after that..I decided not to put any expectation on oppa. I just want to enjoy the drama. LOL.

Park Min Young..she’s does look like dongsaeng to Seung Hun. Maybe because Min Young look very young compared to him. I feel so wrong! Nevertheless…she’s good. I like her more in City Hunter. OMG..and she’s not outstanding enough in this drama like she was in City Hunter and SKKS. Am I being bias or delusional? Not sure about that. Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way. Arrghhhhh!!~

Piercing eyes..straight to my heart. Argghh..I’m in pain, Jaejoong-ah!!
Please kill me now. My oh my…

We have..Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak. Wow. Just wow.. I just don’t understand why some haters outthere said that he looked like having constipation. What?? I think those people are blind. Jaejoong in Dr. Jin…was beyond words. Less I expected that he talked in sageuk like he was living in that time period. So cool. His expression was…really. especially when his father shots his restless horse. His shocking and disbelief expression makes me think, he really does scared of his father and yet need to show his bravery and strong side to his father. Just wow. Don’t those haters knows? Are you guys blind or something? Next time, dear haters, please bring mirror whenever you’re having constipation and look at yourself. The reflection was the looks of people having constipation. Please do  your homework properly and aptly differentiate it.. Stupid moron. There are more scenes in the recent episodes that makes me feels, Jaejoong really into the character. Feels like proud mother every time I watched him in that drama. LOL. Good acting. You’ve really blossomed, my dear Jaejoong.


People calling you ‘Acting God’ now!!! Arrgghhhh ahjushi, you are really daebak!~

Let’s move on to my favorite ahjusshi of all time, Lee Bum Soo. OMG! He really shine in sageuk drama. Since I saw him in the 1st episode of this drama, I was hoping he will take more role in sageuk drama. LOVE HIM! He is awesome! Unbelievably awesome. He really into the role…makes me forget that this drama is his 1st sageuk drama. His facial expression are so good! This is good acting. Kudos to him. *bow*

‘I rules this drama with our Jaejoongie.’ LOL

Oh! I was screaming my lungs out when I heard Jaejoong’s voice at the end of the drama. Dr. Jin’s OST!!~ OMG. Living Like A Dream…really cool song. Keep playing it for thousands times already. Jaejoong have such a heavenly voice.  Wow. I’m melting. So sad..so touching…he is truly one of the best singer in Korea. :). The lyrics are so heartbreaking. Jaejoong is such multitalented guy. Love you more, Jaejoongie!!

I think I will end my post with the picture of how constipation looks like. Please bear in mind, oh dear haters!! This one is for you. Credit to mamajyj a.k.a itajyj. Please visit mamajyj’s blog. Click here, peeps!  Thanks eonnie for the picture!~ LOL!~

In Your Face!!!!~

Toodles folks!!!~

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K-Drama Alert: Time Slip Dr. Jin Part 2

The moment of we all been waiting (dreading too) for quite sometimes already… drum rolls please..

Dr. Jin’s Press Conference!! *throw confetti*

Congratulation! OMG. I even bribe my IT guy in the office to penetrate the concrete firewall for the PC’s live streaming! LOL.

Anyway.. I just love the cast. Oh wait, didn’t I said this before? In part 1? IDK. LOL.

Let’s see here…

The introduction of the cast.

The awesome Dr. Jin line up/cast. 🙂 Jaejoong really stand out, doesn’t he? Definition of hotness..you can look so sexy eventhough in traditional unique costume 😀

Least that I expected that Seung Hun Oppa (oh now, I call him oppa, great! LOL) make his appearance in sageuk commoners clothes. :). Very commoners indeed~. I thought he’ll be donned in doctor’s attire/lab coat? LOL. Not very interesting, right? He will be Dr. Jin.. 🙂

We have…Park Min Young. Dressed in blue hanbok. She looks very pretty indeed. A bit refreshing since 90% in SKKS, she dressed as guy. LOL. I just love her soft expression. She will act as Yoo Mi-Na (present day) or Hong Young-Rae (In Joseon dynasty period).

And..then..(let me catch my breath first)…we have Jaejoong. KIM JAEJOONG!! OMG! OH MY GOD! OMO! OMO.


He looks so HANDSOME!~ (errr…I guess, nothing new on that). Him in sageuk costume, with top knot, his fair and perfect complexion..such a perfection!! How can a perfect human being ever exist in this world? I think even he dressed in sack, he will look so freaking handsome. Anyway, he looked so cool and charismatic in the official uniform (Am allowed to say uniform here? LOL). My handsome Officer Kim Kyung Tak!!~ *fangirling*

Next, we have my favorite ahjusshi. Lee Bum-Soo. Dressed in red hanbok, the official hanbok that wears by royalty/royal family when they want to enter the palace (If I remembered this fact correctly. Please do correct me if I’m wrong here) and fake beard! . Anyway.. he looks awesome. Charismatic ahjusshi. His first sageuk drama. He will act as Lee Ha-Eung, the actual historic figure. :).

Then we have Lee Soyeon..as Choon Hong, the famous gisaeng and yet mysterious in the drama. She appeared at the PC in gisaeng hanbok with some crazy hair-do, normal hair-do that they have in Joseon era. LOL. If it was me having that hair-do/hair-work, I will have neck pain after an hour. That’s for sure. Anyway, she’s pretty though. Wondering whether she will have crush to our Officer Kyung Tak. Emmm…interesting.

Bromance..Life is not complete without any bromance involved. Mine does. LOL. Anyway..I’m rooting for this bromance..

Jaejoong laughing. Seung Hun looking quite serious there, OMG. I can almost hear Jaejoong’s laughing now.

And this…

Jaejoongie and my favorite ahjusshi, Lee Bum Soo *grin*

Thank you for awesome rice wreath..contributed by Jaejoong fans..Really daebak. More than 23 tons of rice were donated. From more than 31 countries. AWESOME!

International fans of Jaejoong & JYJ are really DAEBAK!~ No words can describe how awesome those fans are.
Hey..Can you see SM, Jaejoong’s fans are awesome? We support him in spite of those malicious attacks you’d gave to them (JYJ) in order to us hate them? We stand stronger beside our Jaejoong & JYJ. 😀

For all Jaeharems out there…Jaejoongie  is perfection..

Jaejoong walk like a hero or something. Oh My God! He’s so handsome makes me cried. How can a gorgeous human being ever existed?

That’s all for now! Toddles!!

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More Sageuk-Modern Fusion Line Up. What’s up with K-Drama World Now?

Historical/Period or Sageuk drama..

I always love this kind of drama. I don’t watch a lot Sageuk drama nowadays, I’d limit myself not to watch too many Sageuk drama. Why? Simply because, the language a little bit off for me. I like korean modern language. Easier to digest.

Anyway, as I have been saying in my previous post, there will be Time Slip Dr. Jin this May on MBC. This one is about one man, a time traveler, a  surgeon from our modern world, who is suddenly find himself back into Joseon-era. Cool. I started to like the plot already when I read this before.

Also I anticipated for Jaejoongie first ever Sageuk drama. Grrrrrr~ It will be burst of Jaejoongie’s dose  in May.

Hence..hell yeah!! I like it already..Both the plot & the casts. Handsome guys. I don’t need more. And also it is like Asian version of Back To The Future. LOL. Except this one, there is no flying car to bring you back into time..

Remember that I talked about another similar drama to Time Slip Dr Jin? Starring Lee Min Ho as the main cast? It is called FAITH on SBS channel. Well, let me rephrase the similarity. Okey, I called both drama, Time Slip Dr Jin & Faith as TIME TRAVELER-MEDICAL -SAGEUK-MODERN-FUSION-ROMANCE-DRAMA. Not making any sense right? Whatever. Too many terms to digest. Additional to Faith. COMEDY? WTH, man. Too many genre in one drama. Arrgghhh~ Why comedy? Emm…maybe because Lee Min Ho will be a plastic surgeon who travel back into time? WHAT? Not funny.

**I made a mistakes here. Lee Min Ho acted as the famous Goryeo General Choi Young. Mianhae!~

Over The Top~Lee Min-Ho Grrrrr~~Rawwwrrrr~ Plastic Surgeon. Can he pull it of??

Let’s see here. Time Slip Dr. Jin. Is it in Joseon Dynasty or Goryeo Dynasty? Owh, now I remembered, it is in Joseon era. Faith? Goryeo era. Goryeo era or Joseon era. I don’t freaking care. As long as they have my Jaejoongie, Lee Min Ho. Pfft~

I can guess what will happened to me while watching Jaejoongie on drama later on. I will be…Crazy? Loony? Melodramatic? Happy? Fainted? EVERYTHING! ARGGHHHHHHHHH~! Jaejoongie. Please do not kill me several times with your smile. You know that you got killer smile. Noona will swoon over you, like a lunatic!

Lady-Killer Jaejoongie ~ Warrior Kim Kyung-Tak

But don’t ever underestimate too, the great power of Lee Min Ho over noona like me. Dang. I hate this kind of things.. I had enough with Lee Seung Gi’s effect now..I don’t need more. *Swoon* Please. Don’t. Need. It. For. The. Time. Being. Again.. Jaejoongie’s effect will struck me hard too. Again, this loony noona will scream my lungs out, watching these beautiful human being.

Jaejoong in Joseon’s hanbok. Delectable as ever. I don’t own this picture. Credit to the owner.

Enough about that…

LOL. Come with me now, let’s learn a little on Korean History.

Just a brief one. Now…we got…Goryeo era/dynasty..& we got..Joseon era.

The difference is…of course..in the name. *try to make some lame jokes here*

Okey..Goryeo (고려) era was before the Joseon era. Goryeo era was lasted from 918 until 1392. I have not watched many of Goryeo era drama or movies. BUT! I have watched this 1 movie of  Goryeo era. LOL.

That famous, significantly impacted me…A Frozen Flower. Don’t know this movie? OMG. this movie is a must watch Korean movie….Totally out of this world. I mean..totally…need parental advice. Controversial. Totally. The storyline is different and a little bit open to some people. LOL. Too many steamy hot scenes involved Song Ji Hyo & that handsome guy, Jo In Sung who currently completed his 2 years mandatory military service. Bwahahahaha.. Haven’t watch it yet? Go, now. MUST WATCH. LOL Bwaahahahahaha

Butt-hot Jo In Sung & Pretty Song Ji Hyo. Jo In Sung is totally hot.

Anyway…. I am kind of..not liking too much the clothes, the culture or the set up of the Goryeo era. I prefer Joseon era. I like the guys in Goryeo era..they let the hair down instead bun it up. Sweet~

Joseon (조선) era… A lot of historical drama & movies based on this time period. Yes, we got..The Princess’ Man, The Moon That Embrace The Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince too and many more. This dynasty lasted from July 1392 – October 1897. During its reign, many significant things happened that bring huge impact on today’s modern Korea. King Sejong The Great to created the Hangul letters, cultural norms, and many more. Pfftt..I am too lazy too type. Gahh~

Enough about history.

Sageuk-Modern Fusion drama, (involved time travel thingy) started of with… Rooftop Prince. And then now…teng teng teng! Queen In-hyun’s Man on TVN..

Queen In-hyun’s Man

Gosh..before the Time Slip Dr Jin & Faith kicks off, TVN cut off the queue apparently. Tsk tsk tsk

Are they mad or something? Too many sageuk-modern drama. Are they out of idea? Or just they keeping in line with…THE TREND? What trend? Woahhhhh~ Hold on, mister! Similarities is good in some sense, but this is too much for me to handle.

WTH, I will end up watching all the drama. I cannot resist the need, the temptation. I need my dramagasm on daily basis. Okey, now, I want to watch MODERN DRAMA, Strongest K-Pop Survival. Which..I love it so much. Before all these fusion drama coming up. I need to stabilize myself first. I’m stoked. LOL. Byeeeeoommmm~

K-Drama Alert: Time Slip Dr. Jin

Bammmm!~ Another drama to look forward to in May. Good. I already smiled in my sleep, like a moron for quite sometimes now after knowing that Jaejoongie will appear on drama again. *Doing happy dance again*

Time Slip Dr. Jin. Arrcckkkk!~ I do not want to comment with the name. Don’t make me started. At first, I was like, WTH with the title. So I googled it and found some information on this. FYI, Dr. Jin is Japanese drama adapted from manga. The 1st thing I realized is that the main lead is..not handsome. LOL. Another thing is..why maintain the name Jin? It is like a family name for Japanese people? Confused a little.  Please click here for more info on Dr Jin (Japanese). I have yet found any info on how many episode will Korean’ Dr. Jin be. 16 or 20? Japanese..they always have less than 15 episode per drama. Less is more? IDK.

Anyway, what’s up under the sleeves of the producers of Dr. Jin? Keep pushing the date back and forth. They already making headlines by doing this. Second, what is up with all this commotion of suing the other drama that have similar storyline? Where is the originality, ladies and gentlemen? At least Korean’s Time Slip Dr. Jin is franchise of the Japanese ones.

Enough with those commotion. What we can focus on now is…on who are the actors & actress. Woot!~ Woot!~

Let me see…we got…Song Seung Hun. The infamous towel guy that people been buzzing about. I got nothing against him. He is not so bad after all. I mean, with the acting and all. He’s quite fair. He’s good looking too. You can say him as VISUAL DEPENDABLE. Without it, he will be doomed, I presume? I am kinda like him in My Princess. In spite those bad remarks everybody said about him. I’d rooting for him behind the bushes. Not saying out loud, or else people will bashing me for having  a bad taste? LOL. He is one of the Korean actors who have a shower scene. FYI, not all are eligible to do the steamy topless shower scene. Ggrrrrrrr…… Auuuuuuwwwmmmmm~

Come in the picture.. Lee Bum Soo-sshi. I saw him just recently in The History of Salaryman drama & Running Man (RM). Just saw him too on the KBS World..on Guerilla Date. There is a guy who like him so much, a taxi driver ahjusshi, gave him a full kiss (not a peck or anything, I mean real sloppy kiss, LOL) on his cheek during the show. Cool.  Him in RM? Daebak~ Charismatic Ahjusshi. I LOVE HIM.

Now…can I sense any BROMANCE to happen? Like Ji Sung & Jaejoong? Can I expect Song Seung Hun BROMANCING with Jaejoong? Or perhaps Jaejong with the charismatic Bum Soo ahjusshi?? Owh please..Owh please do!~

Owhhh. The main actress.. Park Min Young. After a few years of hiatus, she came & conquered the k-drama world again with Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS) with Yoochunnie. Followed by City Hunter with that gorgeous human being, Lee Min Ho. After that, she scored again with Man of Honor. She is so damn lucky. All her co-actor are all..good looking actors.. Damn. Now, I am jealous of her.

Again..there is statement said that JAEJOONG, MY LOVE will again…succumb into that stupid love triangle galore again. WTH with these people? Can we give for once…a decent love line to our dear Jaejoongie? I hate to portrayed our Jaejoong as pathetic loser in the game of love. GAAAAHHHHH!~~~ . Hell, in the real world..he won’t have any problem in winning in any game of love. He is too good. He have a good voice, he can dance, he is so damn good looking and a good cook too. Now, I am imagining (please do not crush or disturb my fantasy) *In his gorgeous house, Jaejoong is cooking pasta wears only apron, nothing else, singing while cooking while looking with me with those beautiful eyes* *~fainted* – My own fan fiction. 😀 *drrrroooollllll*

Do not fret, my dear Jaejoong, you & me, we can make our own love story. 😀 *noona, love you so damn much, Jaejoongie!~*

Anyway…..back to the real world… Definitely looking forward for another good drama to watch. After RTP & K2H finish later, I will starving for more good drama to come. Please. I hope…Jaejoong will score bulls eye with this drama. Despite of bad news or unfavorable comments on this yet to air drama.

Time Slip Dr. Jin, Hwaiting!

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture. Taken from JYJ3. Please click here for the full article.