Where The Heck Is This Place??

The Strongest K-POP Survival
The King Of 2 Hearts
Rooftop Prince

Am confused now..aren’t those pictures are at the same place? Except for Rooftop Prince, there are not so much lights there. I am not pretty sure on that..Is it at the same place too??

Arrggghhhh?? Where the heck is this place? I want to go there!!!!!!


Watching Now..

Currently, I’m watching these drama for my pure k-dramagasm needs :-

1) Rooftop Prince

2) King of 2 Hearts

3) Strongest K-Pop Survival

4) Take Care of Us, Captain

5) The Equator Man

6) Vampire Prosecutor

Managed to watch some of the completed drama just recently. Like  Take Care of Us, Captain & Vampire Prosecutor.

Strongest K-Pop Survival? Yes..the one that got the cutie pie Yoohwannie!~ I like the drama. It is like combination of Coffee Prince + Dream High. I really like Go Eun Ah. . So cute. Cute..love them, like I like my ice cream.


I love K-drama. Period. 😀

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. Credit to the owner. Thank You