Oh Crap. It’s Spring time again.

Hi yaaaaaa!~

Why Spring? Spring..Season of love..?

I guess so.

Since my last post…on Gu Family Book.. I have been busy. Busy with life and work. Went here and there.. yada yada yada.. Yeah.. Excuses. LOL

Anyway, this 2014 Spring also…I saw some really awesome line-up of…. Korean drama and new variety shows. Woot!

Before I proceed any further… right now, I’m scrutinizing my  harddisk now.. yeah..I want to list out those dramas and variety shows I’ve watched since my last post. *ehem. mind you..those drama are the ones that I managed to finished yaaaa~ LOL*

Okey…here we goes…

1) Nine (TVN)

2) I Hear Your Voice (SBS)

3) Answer Me, 1997/Reply 1997 (TVN)

4) Answer Me, 1994 (TVN)

5) Master’s Sun (SBS)

6) The Heirs (SBS)

7) Let’s Eat (TVN)

8) I Need Romance 3 (TVN)

9) My Love From Another Star (SBS)

10) Return of Superman (KBS) – Variety

11) K-Pop Star 3 (SBS) – Variety

12) WIN (MNET) – Variety

13) WINNERTV (MNET) – Variety

Huh? That’s all? Yup. That’s all I managed to finish up.

Halfway and never get to watch the ending…

1) You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin (KBS)

2) Medical Top Team (MBC)

3) Dating Agency Cyrano (TVN)

And those I haven’t got time to watch it and heard good reviews on it are..

1) Miss Korea (MBC)

2) Two Weeks (MBC)

3) Secret Love (KBS)

4) The Blade and Petal (KBS)

Those I watched first two episodes (or in some rare cases, managed to watched until 6th or 8th or 10th episodes?) and gave up..are….

1) Mirae’s Choice (KBS)

2) The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS)

3) One Warm Word (SBS)

4) Jang Ok Jung (SBS)

So far, in my humble opinion..TVN have produced a very good quality dramas so far. I really love Let’s Eat! OMG!! I need to do review on that! Wohhooooooo!~

Owh! I almost diverted from my original intention of this post…. which are…Spring dramas…

You bet, spring dramas would make…those butterflies will be hitting your stomach’s wall all the time huh? No..nahhh…you can dream…but reality? Those heavy and filled with tension and ‘make me anxious’ dramas..Pfffttt… like…

Three Days (SBS)

Emergency Couple (TVN)

God’s Gift: 14 Days (SBS)

Bride Of The Century (TV Chosun)

Again..I have not jumped yet into these drama’s bandwagon. Again. Excuses. ME TIME NO.

Oh crap.. I remembered… I have watched Bride Of The Century…halfway. I blamed my hormone…refused to face the reality. LOL. Makes me do not want to continue watching it diligently. Don’t get me? Owh..you need to watch it first..then you’ll know what I meant with  “refused to face the reality”. LOL  *wink*

Can you hear my ovaries exploded? Not yet. Since I have not watch Yoochun yet on Three Days.

I shall start today.

But I need to plan for my next trip.. (Excuse #1)

And I need to do my income tax submission (Excuse #2)

Oh! CN Blue dominates my ME time now (Excuse #3)

I got work to do (Excuse #4)

Screw all that! Going to watch Emergency Couple tonight.



Oh before that, let me introduce to you all..my handsome vampire. He is not human. He is vampire. I kid you not *Credit to the picture owner*


Annyeong? LOL


More Sageuk-Modern Fusion Line Up. What’s up with K-Drama World Now?

Historical/Period or Sageuk drama..

I always love this kind of drama. I don’t watch a lot Sageuk drama nowadays, I’d limit myself not to watch too many Sageuk drama. Why? Simply because, the language a little bit off for me. I like korean modern language. Easier to digest.

Anyway, as I have been saying in my previous post, there will be Time Slip Dr. Jin this May on MBC. This one is about one man, a time traveler, a  surgeon from our modern world, who is suddenly find himself back into Joseon-era. Cool. I started to like the plot already when I read this before.

Also I anticipated for Jaejoongie first ever Sageuk drama. Grrrrrr~ It will be burst of Jaejoongie’s dose  in May.

Hence..hell yeah!! I like it already..Both the plot & the casts. Handsome guys. I don’t need more. And also it is like Asian version of Back To The Future. LOL. Except this one, there is no flying car to bring you back into time..

Remember that I talked about another similar drama to Time Slip Dr Jin? Starring Lee Min Ho as the main cast? It is called FAITH on SBS channel. Well, let me rephrase the similarity. Okey, I called both drama, Time Slip Dr Jin & Faith as TIME TRAVELER-MEDICAL -SAGEUK-MODERN-FUSION-ROMANCE-DRAMA. Not making any sense right? Whatever. Too many terms to digest. Additional to Faith. COMEDY? WTH, man. Too many genre in one drama. Arrgghhh~ Why comedy? Emm…maybe because Lee Min Ho will be a plastic surgeon who travel back into time? WHAT? Not funny.

**I made a mistakes here. Lee Min Ho acted as the famous Goryeo General Choi Young. Mianhae!~

Over The Top~Lee Min-Ho Grrrrr~~Rawwwrrrr~ Plastic Surgeon. Can he pull it of??

Let’s see here. Time Slip Dr. Jin. Is it in Joseon Dynasty or Goryeo Dynasty? Owh, now I remembered, it is in Joseon era. Faith? Goryeo era. Goryeo era or Joseon era. I don’t freaking care. As long as they have my Jaejoongie, Lee Min Ho. Pfft~

I can guess what will happened to me while watching Jaejoongie on drama later on. I will be…Crazy? Loony? Melodramatic? Happy? Fainted? EVERYTHING! ARGGHHHHHHHHH~! Jaejoongie. Please do not kill me several times with your smile. You know that you got killer smile. Noona will swoon over you, like a lunatic!

Lady-Killer Jaejoongie ~ Warrior Kim Kyung-Tak

But don’t ever underestimate too, the great power of Lee Min Ho over noona like me. Dang. I hate this kind of things.. I had enough with Lee Seung Gi’s effect now..I don’t need more. *Swoon* Please. Don’t. Need. It. For. The. Time. Being. Again.. Jaejoongie’s effect will struck me hard too. Again, this loony noona will scream my lungs out, watching these beautiful human being.

Jaejoong in Joseon’s hanbok. Delectable as ever. I don’t own this picture. Credit to the owner.

Enough about that…

LOL. Come with me now, let’s learn a little on Korean History.

Just a brief one. Now…we got…Goryeo era/dynasty..& we got..Joseon era.

The difference is…of course..in the name. *try to make some lame jokes here*

Okey..Goryeo (고려) era was before the Joseon era. Goryeo era was lasted from 918 until 1392. I have not watched many of Goryeo era drama or movies. BUT! I have watched this 1 movie of  Goryeo era. LOL.

That famous, significantly impacted me…A Frozen Flower. Don’t know this movie? OMG. this movie is a must watch Korean movie….Totally out of this world. I mean..totally…need parental advice. Controversial. Totally. The storyline is different and a little bit open to some people. LOL. Too many steamy hot scenes involved Song Ji Hyo & that handsome guy, Jo In Sung who currently completed his 2 years mandatory military service. Bwahahahaha.. Haven’t watch it yet? Go, now. MUST WATCH. LOL Bwaahahahahaha

Butt-hot Jo In Sung & Pretty Song Ji Hyo. Jo In Sung is totally hot.

Anyway…. I am kind of..not liking too much the clothes, the culture or the set up of the Goryeo era. I prefer Joseon era. I like the guys in Goryeo era..they let the hair down instead bun it up. Sweet~

Joseon (조선) era… A lot of historical drama & movies based on this time period. Yes, we got..The Princess’ Man, The Moon That Embrace The Sun, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince too and many more. This dynasty lasted from July 1392 – October 1897. During its reign, many significant things happened that bring huge impact on today’s modern Korea. King Sejong The Great to created the Hangul letters, cultural norms, and many more. Pfftt..I am too lazy too type. Gahh~

Enough about history.

Sageuk-Modern Fusion drama, (involved time travel thingy) started of with… Rooftop Prince. And then now…teng teng teng! Queen In-hyun’s Man on TVN..

Queen In-hyun’s Man

Gosh..before the Time Slip Dr Jin & Faith kicks off, TVN cut off the queue apparently. Tsk tsk tsk

Are they mad or something? Too many sageuk-modern drama. Are they out of idea? Or just they keeping in line with…THE TREND? What trend? Woahhhhh~ Hold on, mister! Similarities is good in some sense, but this is too much for me to handle.

WTH, I will end up watching all the drama. I cannot resist the need, the temptation. I need my dramagasm on daily basis. Okey, now, I want to watch MODERN DRAMA, Strongest K-Pop Survival. Which..I love it so much. Before all these fusion drama coming up. I need to stabilize myself first. I’m stoked. LOL. Byeeeeoommmm~