Long Live..BROMANCE!~

I love bromance. I already predicted some interesting bromance will be happened between of casts..in my favorite drama..Dr. Jin & Rooftop Prince. And there are BROMANCE in the air!!! Yahhhhooooooo!!!!!!!

LOL. Now, I’m grinning like a lunatic. I am so happy. Really..I do..not literally.


Dr. Jin…Since the beginning, starting from the PC, Seung Hun Oppa already make his bromance moves with Lee Bum Soo Ahjushi. 🙂 And then..throughout the filming of the drama…they already…make…what shall we called it..perhaps.. three-some brotherhood? LOL. Dr. Jin’s Musketeers! Really? Daebak! WOOWOWOWOW.

Holding hands together already?? wOW
They really do looks like three-some bromance. LOL. Dr. Jin’s 3 Musketeers 🙂

Beside that, since Jaejoongie is such a friendly and nice guy, he already make his bromance with other fellow co-actors..Cool~. I love it!! He even tweeted several of  selca of him and the co-actors. Good sign…

Cute…Modern fusion. LOL
Cute Jaejoongie LOL

Now we move on to… Rooftop Prince…If on-screen relationship between the evil half-brother Tae Moo (Tae Sung) with Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong was a bit shaky, but…off-screen…they are like truly BROTHERS! Yoochun affectionately called Tae Sung, ‘hyung’. they even hang out and drinking together. LOVE it..

I want more this kind of bromance….Please give me more. LOL. Yeah..I’m greedy.

Check this out Yoochun’s tweet. He got ‘that’ kind of relationship with Tae Sung

Sleepy head Yoochunnie with Tae Sung, a.k.a. the evil Tae Mu

OH MY GOD. I am so into this bromance thing. Do they have cure for this? HAHAHAHA. I think..I am a freak! HAHAHAHA!~

Before I end my post…

How can I forget this famous bromance….between the famous Joseon’s quartet..Sungkyunkwan’s F4 famous quartet..None other than..Soong Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In. OMG. They really look good together. Yoo Ah In & Soong Joong Ki have this somehow awkward friendship since they were nominated as best couple in KBS Drama Awards, 2010. LOL LOL LOL. They both came and supported Yoochun in JYJ’s concert last year..but look really awkward together. THANK GOD!!!~ They are back together now…IN CF!!! How cool is that??? They look so cute..check these pictures out. Love them~!

OMG! OMG! Love them both in this CF!~

Let’s have another one picture..shall we…

Gosh! They make me want to have that..polaroid camera. 🙂

Last but not least….I LOVE THIS SO FREAKING MUCH!~ SO CUTE!~ gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LOL LOL LOL. Cool Joong Ki. Bashful Ah In. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owner. Thank you very much.


K-Drama Alert: Ghost (SBS)

Woottt~ Woot~

I know…I know..it is sucks! Rooftop Prince (RTP) will end this 24 May 2012. That is the very reason why I keep delaying this post *in denial!* Arrrggghhhh~ . This drama, GHOST will be replacing RTP on Wednesday-Thursday primetime drama slot.

Since I’m in denial mode, I had writer’s block since yesterday. LOL.

Ghost… (or Phantom)

From the description (not synopsis) of the drama that I read, it seems that the drama..not directly connected with errrr….real ghost? I mean that scary s***, that hunted your dreams or supernatural kind of things. Nope…maybe..in the plot..but..the description..a bit too brief.. From the title itself, I keep thinking that this drama would be connected with supernatural thingy, right? Can’t help it. Bwaahahahaha

Owhhhhh!~ It’s a crime investigation drama! Like drama Sign, right?? Gaaaahhh~ Wait!? It’s cyber crimes? Cool!

Okey, let’s see here.. main lead…So Ji Sub will play a role of Kim Woo Hyun, anti-social guy and a perfectionist. He is an elite police officer that enters into the police academy and also graduates with flying colors. After graduating, he joins the cyber investigation unit. And…that’s all about it, ladies and gentlemen… I don’t know this guy that well in k-drama world. Period. I know he acted in What Happened in Bali (with Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung) and Sorry, I Love You..and that’s it. Ignorance nee? But I haven’t see any of his drama. Sorry.

Still cut picture from Ghost. This clean cut image of So Ji Sub. Kind of refreshing compared him in I’m Sorry, I Love You drama.

Main lead actress… Lee Yeon Hee..will play as Yoo Kang Mi… a twenty-something pretty detective..known for being an uljjang (famous for being pretty online) and…that’s about it too. What?~ Anyway..I watched her in Paradise Ranch drama and Running Man. And on that famous Hyun Bin’s movie, A Millionaire’s First Love. She’s alright..except..her as detective? That kind of…surprised to me. She’s under SM by the way. *cough* To tell you the truth, I want to keep an open mind while watching this drama later. I feel that her acting skills are bit kind of..weak? it is just my opinion..I don’t know about you guys out there. Maybe, she will be different in this drama..I don’t know… LOL!~

Still cut from filming of the Ghost drama. Lee Yeon Hee.

2nd lead actor…Daniel Choi. Oh wait! I know him..he is that guy who acted in Baby-faced Beauty along with Jang Nara. 2nd lead and I can’t find anywhere what is his role name in this drama.

We also got G.O. from k-pop group MBLAQ. His role as Lee Tae Kyun. And again…that’s all about it. Gaaahh~

What with all these secrecy? Highly anticipated drama? Naaaaahhhh~ I don’t think so, missy!  Why SBS did not disclosed or promotes massively like they did with RTP before it got aired? I wonder…. or is it just my imagination?

Where The Heck Is This Place??

The Strongest K-POP Survival
The King Of 2 Hearts
Rooftop Prince

Am confused now..aren’t those pictures are at the same place? Except for Rooftop Prince, there are not so much lights there. I am not pretty sure on that..Is it at the same place too??

Arrggghhhh?? Where the heck is this place? I want to go there!!!!!!

옥탑방왕세자 Rooftop Prince – Me & Crown Prince Lee Gak Part 1

Rooftop Prince (RTP) or 옥탑방왕세자 in Hanguk (Pronounced as ‘oktabbang hwangseja’) is truly…the best, clear, smoothest drama I ever watch. Maybe to some people, I declared this too early, but..as far as I know, this drama keep me on my toes and eagerly anticipate on what happened next. And make me wish everyday is Wednesday & Thursday. bwahahahaha~

I have watched too many Korean drama… Most of the dramas are predictable, become cheesy after 10th episode & got messy storyline. Transition from one scene to another scene…always..not making any sense at all. BUT! It is different with this drama. I am talking here not based on my bias towards JYJ.. truly from my passion on Korean drama. 🙂 *yeah, please believe me* LOL

On this part 1, I would like to babbling about the characters… Without revealing too many information/spoiler. Just my thought on the RTP’s characters. Which I am so amazed about.

Now, let’s see, in most Korean drama, must have PROTAGONIST & ANTAGONIST right? In our daily life & in any drama all over the world too, I assume.Yes, I can accept that fact . The only things that bug me about Korean drama is..why the antagonist characters, they must be real evil bitches/bastards? Always makes me want to smack my lappy while watching them or make me want to throw towel to the screen. Grrrr…

I think..the only Korean Drama that the antagonist characters are not so evil is none other than…drama Protect The Boss. (Jaejoongieeeee my love!!! LOL).Seriously, this drama, the antagonist roles are less intimidating and not typical.

Anyway, there are no difference with this RTP drama, the antagonist actor & actress are really evil. EVIL like nobody’s business. I really…really…really hate it! I do mean it. Grrrrr…. I am gritting my teeth every time I watched the evil splashing scene..GRRRRRRR~ I hate u, Se Na. I can hate you forever! Arrggghhhh!!!

My main point here is, in RTP, they got the characters right in the places, fitting with each other perfectly like custom glove & the characters’ development are also quite smooth. You can guess each characters while watching it without saying much or showed it too much, just to make sure that the viewers got the message right. Yeah. We do not need that. A simple gestures, message, dialogues, we can pretty guess it, alright. Not dragging, over-exposed or anything. It is just simply right. I love it! LOL.

Apparently, we can think & analyzed it on ourselves, thank you very much. We definitely can READ BETWEEN THE LINES. That is what I love about RTP. The scriptwriter treat us, like adult and smart people. I am kind of like..that facts. I feel like genius. LOL.

Below are the main casts:-

1st..Micky Yoochun. The gorgeous man, the cutiepie, adorable dorky Yoochunnie.. As Crown Prince Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong

2nd..lead actress..Han Ji Min..The noona. As Pak Ha/Bu Yong.

3rd..the evil sister..Jung Yoo Mi..As Se Na/Hwa Yong

4th..the evil cousin of Yong Tae Yong, the irritating Joon Gu from Playful Kisses, Lee Tae Sung. As Tae Mu

Han Ji Min & Yoochun..not awkward pair at all. I love them! Please get married & have children! Palli! Palli! Unlike, Yoochun & Lee Da Hae in Miss Ripley. Damn AWKWARD. Both are noona to our dear Yoochun.

Below are my favorites supporting actor..the minions/the Crown Prince’s entourage:-

1st..the eldest and the strongest of the pack..Jung Suk Won. As Wong Yong Sul. I known him before as Baek Ji Young’s boyfriend. He just got that seriousness face ever that never failed to make me laugh.

2nd.. Do Chi San. The adorable eunuch. Played by Choi Woo Shik. I really like him. He is cute as button. I even followed him on twitter too.

3rd..the maknae, & the wise one, Song Man Bo. Played by Lee Min Ho. Yeah..the other Lee Min Ho, not that drop dead gorgeous Lee Min Ho. Still, he is cute. The scrubby kiddo from Sungkyunkwan Scandal Drama. This is his 2nd appearance in drama with Micky Yoochun.

Below are the link for the characters profile. Taken from JYJ3.


As I am now learning Korean as my 3rd language, I learned a lot from this drama on how to talk & pronounced correctly words or phrases in Hanguk. Which I am so thankful for. Thank you to Crown Prince Lee Gak who speaks sangeuk. I love you for that.

Cracked me up whenever he tried to speak proper modern Korean language. Please..Yoochun..& the scriptwriter too, please (with cherry on top) sustain this good momentum. Do not ever make  me bored with this drama.

I am rooting for you, Lee Gak. & the scriptwriter too.

Dae Han Min Geuk!!!! (not relevant with any of this, I just want to shout this)

My calculations of this drama for today before I end my post:-

Lee Gak + Pak Ha = Explosive Cuteness

Lee Gak + 3 Adorable Minions = Explosive Laughter

Lee Gak + Se Na = Never-Ending Puke

Se Na + Tae Mu = Match Made From Hell

Pyo Taek Su + Aunt Seol Hee = ?

That’s all. I love you guys!

Byeoooommmm!!! *aegyo explosiveness*

The Battle Of Korean Drama…Since Middle of March 2012

Since middle of March, I was so eager to watch Rooftop Prince (RTP),. Arcckk, obviously because of…Yoochunnie…I can’t resist his beautiful smile. Grrrrr… I also been feeding up by several blogs & tweets online on the teaser..pictures..and fan cams. How on earth I will back off from watching this drama?? You tell me. Oh..I am kind of miss him..after Miss Ripley, I ought to think that he need a better role. Owh wait, I forgot to tell you guys, I am IN LOVE with Joseon latest’s F4. Period. They never failed making me cracked up, laughing like a lunatic. :D. This drama is replacing Take Care of Us Captain. 🙂



Premiering too, on MBC, replacing The Moon That Embrace The Sun (what a mouthful title), The King of 2 Hearts (K2H), featuring..none other..Lee Seung Gi. A good looking actor/MC/Singer. Yeahh..he’s a triple treat. A lady killer too…with his dimple smile. Dang. I am sort of…like Lee Seung Gi now. He is just too…tempting.


On KBS2, comes..The Equator Man  (EM). I always scolded by my sister, I keep pronounced ‘Equator’ rather funny, blame my diction. A reason to watch…Lee Jun Hyuk. Another good looking man. Don’t know him? Owh..he’s the handsome prosecutor from that drama…City Hunter. Thinking about Lee Min Ho makes me drool again. Dang


Currently, I am watching these 3 dramas which on head to head battle of the ratings in South Korea. I secretly rooting for RTP to win this battle…but I can’t deny those strong competition from K2H & EM. Grrrr… why does this always come to this? This is the real worlds right? I will discuss more on these nail-biting dramas later 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures. Credit to SBS, MBC, KBS