K-Drama OST

I like drama OST. I really do.

Some people said..don’t like OST songs and claimed some of the songs, only suitable to be heard on drama only or belongs in drama only. On contrary, I like to listen OST songs on daily basis. In my playlist..I got most of my favorite OST songs. 😀

Let’s see…

My Top Favorite OST songs.

  • I’ll Protect You by KIM JAEJOONG – From Protect The Boss OST. Do I need to explain more? His mesmerizing and heavenly voice, can make me cried anytime.
  • For You It’s Separation, For Me It’s Waiting by KIM JAEJOONG – From Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. Do I need to explain more? tsk tsk tsk
  • Too Love by Junsu. – From Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. Do I need to explain more?
  • Found You by JYJ – From Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST. Total epic.
  • Happy Ending by Jay Park – From Rooftop Prince OST. I really love this upbeat song.
  • Have I Told You – Howl – From Playful Kisses OST.  Howl’s voice really mesmerizing.
  • Here I Am – 4 Men & Mi – From Secret Garden OST. One of my favorite group. Bunch of great singer.
  • Love Is Crying – K.Will – From King of 2 Hearts OST. K.Will is really daebak.
  • Injury by Ali – From Rooftop Prince. Ali OST…her voice really suitable for sageuk drama. :D. I’m rooting for her in Immortal Song. 🙂
  • It Might Be You by Yesung – From Cinderella’s Sister OST. For real, this song, makes me like the drama even more.
  • Like A Fool by 2AM – From Personal Taste OST. Like a fool, I like this song like I like Lee Min Ho.
  • Perhaps Love by Howl & J – From Princess Hour OST. Howl..I like him. His voice..really something.
  • You & I by MBLAQ – From Scent of Women OST. Such a happy song.
  • You’re So Beautiful by Junsu – From Scent of Women OST. Junsu’s voice. Do I need to explained more? Do I? Should I?
  • After A Long While by Baek Ji Young – From Rooftop Prince OST. Baek Ji Young’s voice really good. If not, she will not be one of the coach in Korean The Voice, right?
  • I’m Loving You Today by Baek Ji Young – From The Princess’ Man. This song..her voice…make me feel the pain of heart broken.
  • That Woman by Baek Ji Young – From Secret Garden OST. Too many Baek Ji Young right? She is just too damn good in singing any OST songs. For real.
  • Kiss Me by G.Na – From Playful Kisses OST. G.Na’s voice is so sweet,  like the drama 🙂
  • I Think I Love You by Byul. From Full House OST.
  • My Memory by Ryu. From Winter Sonata OST. How on earth I can forget this song!? This is song is on the very 1st Korean drama I watched. Winter Sonata. I love this song so much. Can make cry anytime soon. So beautiful.
  • Losing My Mind by Lee Seung Gi – From My Girlfriend Is Gumiho. I like Seung Gi singing upbeat song
  • Promise by A.N.Jell. – From You’re Beautiful OST. LOL. I like flower boys. I like this song.

A lot, eh?? I think I would like to add some more…but..it will be another lengthy post again. 🙂

Here’s now..video of one of my favorite OST.. Enjoiceeee~

I missed JYJ..to perform again..mainstream..on that stage again…