K-Drama Alert: Arang And The Magistrate (MBC)

I’m back!!!! After so much commotion going on in my life. LOL. Nevertheless, I’M BACK!


Another fusion sageuk drama. LOL. This time..sageuk with horror. Nice..

Not with..modern days fusion. THANK GOD!!

What is this drama all about?

Based on Korean famous folktale (I am pretty sure there is a movie named after Arang too, I will check a bit later), comes ARANG!! wohhhhhoooooo

Arang…from the folktale I read somewhere in the net, was set back in Joseon Dynasty. Arang is a magistrate’s daughter of Miryang area (Miryang is one of the city/town in South Korea). It was said that her wicked and evil nanny wangled to have the house’s servant called Baekga to seized and rape Arang. What a despicable act! Anyway, Arang was resisted it and Baekga stabbed her to death! OMG, what a tragic story! On the other hand, the father..thought that Arang already strut her way to eloped with some stranger dude after her mysterious disappearance. Ashamed with his delusional thought of his daughter act, he resigned his position.

Okey, this is when the story become more interesting.. After that, whenever a new magistrate dude was appointed, Arang’s spirit would appear and pestering those new magistrate, told them about her story. And those chicken magistrate flees in terror. I guess, this is for her justice, right?! She need to keep around to fight for her justice or to finish her unfinished business… Just like in movie Casper..You died and you can’t go up there because you still got unfinished business with the world, right?! I love Casper. LOL. Anyway, back to the story,  until one day, there is one dude, bold and brave guy, Lee Sang-Sa/Lee Eun Ah (I am not sure which name is correct) appeared to take the magistrate post. Surprisingly, he is not scared and don’t flee like others magistrate before. With so much drive in him, he promised Arang The Ghost that he would avenge for her. Gosh, I love this kind of story! Finally, Arang The Ghost ceased to trouble the town after that guy had Baekga seized and executed.


I love this kind of folktale.


Jun Ki & Shim Min Ah. Cute!~

I like the cast already. Well, we got..Lee Jun Ki..fresh from the oven, oh, no..no…fresh from the compulsory military service. I LOVE HIM. I mean.. I really think he is one of the pioneer of flower boys line up. Cute. He will be…yes.you guess it right, he will be that bold dude, Lee Eun Ah. What a great comeback project, Jun Ki-ah!

Shim Min Ah…as Arang. She’s pretty. I just can’t shake off her foot-acting in Love To Kill with Rain. I mean..she’s okey in that drama, it is just…something makes me..uncomfortable? Can I blame the scriptwriter? LOL. Anyway, she’s pretty. I’m kinda like her in My Girlfriend Is Gumiho. Looking forward for an excellent acting from her.

There are a lot of familiar faces in the extended cast but what interest me the most is..that cutie pie..Yoo Seung Ho. He will be The Great Jade Emperor. Wow..you can be emperor with that kind of look and age. Oh wait, it is in the underworld, right..anybody can be emperor. LOL. It was said that his character is the main key of the story… of the Eun Ah and Arang adventure. Cool! Anyway, this cutie pie…have already make his mark in K-Drama world with his outstanding performance in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. I love this sageuk drama. Him in this drama..totally DAEBAK. Can’t believe, he is actually barely 19 years old! I have not watched his Operation Proposal yet. Maybe I can check it later.

I sense there will be impossible love line between Lee Eun Ah and Arang? Ghost and human? hahahha. I might be delusional, but I think there will be. Definitely.. Maybe there will be interesting twist in this drama. Sad ending? Yup!~ Hahahaha

Anyway, this drama already had their 1st script reading.

Wohhooooo!!!~ Arang, 1st script reading. Jun Ki looking good! it seems that military haven’t dampened his good look. Thank god!~

Look forward for another drama to satisfy my dramagasm needs in July. This drama will be head to head in battle with Faith of Lee Min Ho on SBS. Another sageuk fusion drama.



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