Flower Boy Is My Style

READ THIS ~ Before you proceed  to read this blog entry, please take note that this entry might disclose some spoilers of Flower Boy Next Door(TVN) and excessive fangirling. Enter at your risk. Consider yourself have been warned. LOL


GoMiNam or Flower Boy installment. Flower Boy Next Door on TVN.

I managed to finish the drama yesterday. I cried.

Yes..you read it right..I weep, like a baby. I cried a storm. Wae-yo?

Because I am sucker for this kind of love story. And those twerps hormone was one of the factor as well. Duhhh. Don’t mind me, I blamed the hormone as well for my over-sensitive nature these days.

Heart warming..heart aching..you name it…I suffered it all from this drama. The after-effect. Urrghhh

Love it.. the editor/producer/writer whatever they is…managed to make me bluntly and simply guess on what will happened on next episode. They leaved it hanging in the end of each episodes.. And let the imagination runs wild.BUT…when you watched the next episode..you’re totally wrong. Yes. Wrong. My prediction was wrong all the time. I presume, human minds works so simple and easy indeed. They played and messed with my head. I hate them for that. (I am not, LOL). yes..they make the U-turn on K-Drama predictable road, TOTALLY. Gahhhhh~

I am sorry..but did you say that.. Ke-Geum-Mie, my Ke-Geum-Mie…Is not that cute? Are you freaking blind?!!!!??!! He is so freaking cute!


I rest my case.

Anyway… On the last episode, Dok Mi said to Enrique…

“Like the sun rises and sets, without change, I’ll wait.”

Awesome. Again..I pulled my hair! Urrgghhhh. mad. mad. madddddd…. I want to cry!

Are you sure your heart will never sway? Waver a bit? Sure? Are you really..really sure?

The plot, the conflict, the story-line, the ending? Dae to the Bak.

Read here… the story was REALISTIC & RELEVANT.

Nevertheless, the ending is sweet. Like those sweetness that you tasted when you had ice-crush, fruity flavored. BAM! You got that brain-freeze effect at one point. Awesome. I like that kind of sweetness. LOL. it messed with your head for a split second. What a weird analogy. Hey, it’s my blog. I can do and used any analogy that I want. HAHAHAHA.

I like the ending and I don’t care what other people said. I just love it.!~

Over The Top Conflicts? Nope. Can’t find it either. Not in my closet.

Loose-ends? I’d even take a look under my desk. Nope..No loose-ends. Wherefore art thou, Loose-ends? I even yelled to my laptop while watching the final episode (ehem…during the kiss scene).  Btw, thank you, Drama Lord for giving Oh Jin Rak, another Go Dok Mi for cure the ‘I Like Dok-Mi Too’ virus. LOL

Unrequited- love? Owh. tell me all about it. I am an expert on that department. Errrr…with Jaejoong, Heechul, Hyesung Oppa and Himchannie.

I won’t lie here. I secretly wished for more skinship. But…..

I’d even chanting silently..’Skinship…skinship..skinship..’ But…..

I’d wished for more kiss scene.. ‘Kiss..Kiss..Kiss.’ But….

That BIG FAT BUT!!~ Argggggghhhhh

The casts/characters?

All those characters in the drama…seems very real and make sense! It feels real. Think now, you just cannot tell about somebody/someone’s life story just by looking at them, right? Can’t you? Owh..if you can..just drop me your email lol. Unless you’re freaking psychic. LOL.

Go Dok Mi…portrayed perfectly by Park Shin Hye. Emmmm..she seems effortless. How much the characters developed slowly throughout the drama. This is what I called..genius. Genius writer.  But…What bugs me the most is..for a lady who did not go out for more than a year…do or can that lady to have.. a perfectly manicured hands? Or did Go Dok Mi did it herself at home? LOL. Her hands..was perfectly manicured..buffed. Grrrrrr…

Enrique Geum..Yoon Shi Yoon. For a pretty lady like Go Dok Mi, how dares he called Go Dok Mi as ‘AHJUMMA’??? Damn. That’s bothers me the most. TOTALLY not COOL!

The chemistry between Go Dok Mi and Enrique? Sizzling. dynamic without over the top. LOL. or is it just me? Nahhhhh…. LOL

Oh Jin Rak. Typical boys next door. He seems so normal to me. Funny, normal and sometimes stupid. LOL

Dong-Hoon.. Thanks for couple with Webtoon-PD-nim. She will balance you out. LOL

Do-hwi..after you came to understand her…she makes me fell off from the edge of hatred.

Webtoon PD-nim, awesome! I like her. Didn’t I told this fact on my previous post? She was HILARIOUS without making any lame stupid jokes.

My favorite and memorable scenes in the drama..

– When Jin Rak high five with Donghoon. Jin Rak practically high five on Donghoon’s face. LMAO

Flower Boy Next Door.E02.mp4_001238870

– Go Dok Mi and Enrique 1st kiss in Dok Mi’s apartment. So freaking S.W.E.E.T.


– That smitten Webtoon PD-nim. Everytime she was like…totally smitten with Dong-Hoon. Totally cracks me up.


– That failed fugitive plan and those guys in suits scenes. I’m dying. Totally funny. Totally dorks


– Sunset forehead kiss scene. OMG SO SWEET! When Enrique hopes that Dok Mi to say that ILU words. Hopeful fella! LOL


– That final last kiss scene. Grrrr…. So sweet.


It seems I like..or obsessed of the kiss scenes LOL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Don’t care. LOL

Before I humbly end this post..the OST.

Cute. I kinda like most of the songs in the drama. The lyrics of those songs..so pretty! *I can see flowers in my dream now*

Only some of the songs…doesn’t work for me. But I like the overall soundtrack throughout the drama.

My favorite OST for this drama is by J-Rabbit. Talking About Love. The guitar, acoustic feeling. I love it. I feels like been CN-Blue-ish by the song. Another one is Lee Jung – Wish It Was You. Totally pretty lyrics *I saw flowers again in my sleep*

Owh! That cutie Yoon Shi Yoon also lend his cute voice to the drama. Cute. Like flower. ****


Conclusion: Good drama. I like this one better than 2 installment of Flower Boys series. it is not that perfect, but different and heart-warming drama. Period.  Hey! I’m not bias! LOL


**Credit: Thank you to pictures owner**


JYJ On Variety/Music Show..Is It Too Much To Ask?

This morning, while I am driving in my car to the train station, I was listening to JYJ’s songs. Suddenly, I was wondering, how many months now JYJ was not appeared in any music shows or variety show so to speak?? I am so pissed. I was like, ‘arrrgghhhhhh’ why and when we can stop all this madness? I want to see them in those show! Music shows! Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core,  or anything!

During my Korean Language class last Monday, one of my classmates said that she just got back from South Korea for a 1 week trip. She is the one that I said previously in my twitter, that SM/OT5 lover. She said she managed to enter one of a music show called Music Core. She said, she want to watch that EXO-K performance. I was like…WTH, man! I was so jealous of her and can’t stop myself wishing JYJ to perform on that stage. 😦

I watched Running Man (RM) and other variety shows. I love variety shows. Those shows are funny, light-hearted and de-stressful medium for me. I am so hooked up with Running Man. I love Yoo Jae Suk a.k.a The Grasshopper. He is truly the Number One National MC in Korea. He deserved that title. Anyway, each time I watched RM, I want to see JYJ in it, running around, making jokes and show off their excellent variety skills. I know 1 fact that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are really funny in variety shows! OMG, you can see it in most their previous variety shows appearance when they with TVXQ before. They are hilarious, handsome and not forgetting, cheerful. I love them. I came across in youtube, variety show called Family Outing of SBS. Yoo Jae Suk was the MC. There was 1 episode that have Yunho and Junsu as guest. I love it. Junsu was so funny, I was cried laughing like mad. From this show, Junsu admitted that his IQ was less than 100! I doubt that. LOL. There is another one variety show..called Happy Together on KBS. Again, Yoo Jae Suk as the main MC. I like this show too. I came across with the episode that got Jaejoong and Yoochun. OMG, they are so freaking funny! I was clapping and laughing..again..like mad. In short, JYJ really got variety skills. The best.

I cannot help but to wish for them to appear in any variety shows. Or music program. When I watched Win Win, I always imagined that JYJ was seated on that couch, interviewed by Sugeun, Seong Woo, GiKwang. Or in Strong Heart, interviewed by the MC. Or in Infinity Challenge.. or in any variety shows! OMG. Is it too much to ask? You’ll might end up got the highest rating ever for your show if featured JYJ on it! Gaaaahhhh~~ I do not know when will this SM shit intervention will end. I’m fed-up and so mad to those people in entertainment world, broadcast company who are stupid enough to succumb to those vermin or good-for-nothing people. Their artists is not that good, for god’s sake!~ You will not lost even 1/4 of your viewers by not featuring their artist, believe me.

Is it too much to ask?


*Background music – We Are Young by Fun.*


Afternoon, Saturday, last weekend.

Me & my niece, Hyfa,  lying on the bed, with our own lappy and both of us too engrossed with whatever we are doing at that moment.

Hyfa, I haven’t see her for a month. She is in boarding school. Back for the weekend only.

Suddenly, the music stop. Changed to..Girl’s Generation song. I was like..glaring at her with disgusted look. I just know..from the music, it is that GG. Grrrrr…..I gritted my teeth. Hyfa smiled, looked at me and said,

Hyfa: Aunty Fara, I know you hate SM. But Shonishidei (SNSD/GG) is good.

Me: I don’t freaking care, my dear. Just turn that crap off. Change to other K-pop songs or whatsoever. There are hundreds & hundreds of other songs. If you want to listen to it, just wear headphone or anything.

Hyfa: Why you hate SM so much? I know it is because JYJ but as far as I concerned, other SM artiste are not guilty. Why you hate all of them as well?

Me: Simple, those SM people are douchebag. Like parasite. And I just can’t stand how ignorance those SM artiste as well. Don’t they realized they are slave to that freaking SM? JYJ are bunch of guys that realized that there are injustice in their system. Yeah, and that Shinhwa too! They’re realized earlier.

Hyfa: I don’t see like those ShiNee or SNSD treated like a slave. They seems…happy.

Me: Yeah, ‘happy’, my ass. *laughing*. Sorry my dear. If you can stand being treated like that, you are welcome to stay until the end. I know that I always talk about perseverance, but don’t be a stupid or not being able to stand for yourself. Life is like that.

Hyfa: Too bad. ShiNee is daebak. EXO-K also, Aunty! They are so good looking!

Me: Owh really? ShiNee? How about their latest single, ‘Sherlock’, is it any good? EXO-K? Just a bunch of cute kids. Their debut song is so freaking awesome, eh??

Hyfa: *laughing* Not at all!! Just okey~

Me: See…they’re on the verge of going down. SM is going down, baby *evil laugh*

Hyfa: OMG, Aunty. You are so evil!

Me: Acting like you don’t know me! *laugh again*. Anything for JYJ & I hate injustice. Don’t let people treat you like a crap. Stand up for yourself. Learn from my mistakes. Life is not always bed of roses.

She turned off SNSD’s music and changed to Fun back again. LOL. Thank god.

I am not good in arguing.I always lose in any debate. I need to stand up more for JYJ.

I should brush up my knowledge on this matter too. Grrrr….Every time I talked about SM, I feel that my anger risen up to top notch. LOL. I know, I will meet more OT5 worshiper or SM lover later. I just need to equipped myself well. 🙂



옥탑방왕세자 Rooftop Prince – Me & Crown Prince Lee Gak Part 1

Rooftop Prince (RTP) or 옥탑방왕세자 in Hanguk (Pronounced as ‘oktabbang hwangseja’) is truly…the best, clear, smoothest drama I ever watch. Maybe to some people, I declared this too early, but..as far as I know, this drama keep me on my toes and eagerly anticipate on what happened next. And make me wish everyday is Wednesday & Thursday. bwahahahaha~

I have watched too many Korean drama… Most of the dramas are predictable, become cheesy after 10th episode & got messy storyline. Transition from one scene to another scene…always..not making any sense at all. BUT! It is different with this drama. I am talking here not based on my bias towards JYJ.. truly from my passion on Korean drama. 🙂 *yeah, please believe me* LOL

On this part 1, I would like to babbling about the characters… Without revealing too many information/spoiler. Just my thought on the RTP’s characters. Which I am so amazed about.

Now, let’s see, in most Korean drama, must have PROTAGONIST & ANTAGONIST right? In our daily life & in any drama all over the world too, I assume.Yes, I can accept that fact . The only things that bug me about Korean drama is..why the antagonist characters, they must be real evil bitches/bastards? Always makes me want to smack my lappy while watching them or make me want to throw towel to the screen. Grrrr…

I think..the only Korean Drama that the antagonist characters are not so evil is none other than…drama Protect The Boss. (Jaejoongieeeee my love!!! LOL).Seriously, this drama, the antagonist roles are less intimidating and not typical.

Anyway, there are no difference with this RTP drama, the antagonist actor & actress are really evil. EVIL like nobody’s business. I really…really…really hate it! I do mean it. Grrrrr…. I am gritting my teeth every time I watched the evil splashing scene..GRRRRRRR~ I hate u, Se Na. I can hate you forever! Arrggghhhh!!!

My main point here is, in RTP, they got the characters right in the places, fitting with each other perfectly like custom glove & the characters’ development are also quite smooth. You can guess each characters while watching it without saying much or showed it too much, just to make sure that the viewers got the message right. Yeah. We do not need that. A simple gestures, message, dialogues, we can pretty guess it, alright. Not dragging, over-exposed or anything. It is just simply right. I love it! LOL.

Apparently, we can think & analyzed it on ourselves, thank you very much. We definitely can READ BETWEEN THE LINES. That is what I love about RTP. The scriptwriter treat us, like adult and smart people. I am kind of like..that facts. I feel like genius. LOL.

Below are the main casts:-

1st..Micky Yoochun. The gorgeous man, the cutiepie, adorable dorky Yoochunnie.. As Crown Prince Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong

2nd..lead actress..Han Ji Min..The noona. As Pak Ha/Bu Yong.

3rd..the evil sister..Jung Yoo Mi..As Se Na/Hwa Yong

4th..the evil cousin of Yong Tae Yong, the irritating Joon Gu from Playful Kisses, Lee Tae Sung. As Tae Mu

Han Ji Min & Yoochun..not awkward pair at all. I love them! Please get married & have children! Palli! Palli! Unlike, Yoochun & Lee Da Hae in Miss Ripley. Damn AWKWARD. Both are noona to our dear Yoochun.

Below are my favorites supporting actor..the minions/the Crown Prince’s entourage:-

1st..the eldest and the strongest of the pack..Jung Suk Won. As Wong Yong Sul. I known him before as Baek Ji Young’s boyfriend. He just got that seriousness face ever that never failed to make me laugh.

2nd.. Do Chi San. The adorable eunuch. Played by Choi Woo Shik. I really like him. He is cute as button. I even followed him on twitter too.

3rd..the maknae, & the wise one, Song Man Bo. Played by Lee Min Ho. Yeah..the other Lee Min Ho, not that drop dead gorgeous Lee Min Ho. Still, he is cute. The scrubby kiddo from Sungkyunkwan Scandal Drama. This is his 2nd appearance in drama with Micky Yoochun.

Below are the link for the characters profile. Taken from JYJ3.


As I am now learning Korean as my 3rd language, I learned a lot from this drama on how to talk & pronounced correctly words or phrases in Hanguk. Which I am so thankful for. Thank you to Crown Prince Lee Gak who speaks sangeuk. I love you for that.

Cracked me up whenever he tried to speak proper modern Korean language. Please..Yoochun..& the scriptwriter too, please (with cherry on top) sustain this good momentum. Do not ever make  me bored with this drama.

I am rooting for you, Lee Gak. & the scriptwriter too.

Dae Han Min Geuk!!!! (not relevant with any of this, I just want to shout this)

My calculations of this drama for today before I end my post:-

Lee Gak + Pak Ha = Explosive Cuteness

Lee Gak + 3 Adorable Minions = Explosive Laughter

Lee Gak + Se Na = Never-Ending Puke

Se Na + Tae Mu = Match Made From Hell

Pyo Taek Su + Aunt Seol Hee = ?

That’s all. I love you guys!

Byeoooommmm!!! *aegyo explosiveness*