K-Drama Alert: I Do, I Do

Replacing The King of 2 Hearts, premiering on May 30, is I Do, I Do. MBC..Good choice.. I like the main lead already. I’m not sure why, which of the latest drama line-up…that not into my liking nowadays. I like it all! Gaaahhhh~

I Do, I Do ngeeeee~~ can they be any cuter than this?

Woot~ Woot~

I Do, I Do… (suddenly remembered Rain/Bi song, I Do)

The adorable…Kim Sun-Ah. I like her…since her plump day on My Lovely Samsoon. I love her…so much..even after she slimmed down in City Hall…After that, in that Scent of Women, as a cancer patient..OMG, I am sooooo into her! She is….really something. Not blessed with total Miss Korea looks, but she got that pretty features that makes me go…wow…she’s really pretty! It was proven..that my sentiment is right! She’s really pretty! I went to Scent Of Women Fan Greeting last year at Mandarin Oriental, KL. OMG. She is pretty, funny, down-to-earth and nice!~ I love this eonnie so much! She’s AWESOME! She got long and pretty legs too! LOL. I gave her present during the event..an expensive chocolate! Not to make her plump again, just affectionate token for her. I hope she’s ate it alright. 🙂

Did you know that she speaks fluent Japanese and English? She is really something right? Graduated from Ball State University in USA. Middle and high school in Japan. Cool right? Pianist and figure skaters too.

OMG, those shoes..really pretty right?

OMG!! Her legs! Kim Sun-Ah eonnie, you got beautiful legs. I envy you!~ Grrrrr~

Anyway…in this drama, she will be a workaholic shoe designer. Character name, Hwang Ji-An. Good. Falls into whirlwind relationship, and BAMMMM!~ pregnant. Shhhhhhhhuttttt UP!~

Pregnant? Gaahh!~ Don’t get me wrong, but somehow the plot reminds me of my teenage years. When I read those romance books…that famous Mills & Boon books. LOL. OMG, I missed reading Mills & Boon. LOL. I love those fairy tale, romance fiction kind of thing. LOL. Makes me sane throughout my rage teenage years. Bwahahahahahhaha.


Main actor lead…Lee Jang-Woo. Now, he got some pretty impressive resume. I am kind of…look forward on his acting skills in this drama. I watched him in Smile, Dong Hae & Man of Honor. I grew fond of him. I saw him in We Got Married too. He’s virtually ‘married’ to T’ara’s Eunjung. He likes camping and sexy woman (typical guys….who doesn’t right?). He is now..MC in Music Bank along with UEE. Impressive.. But I still like Song Joong Ki as MuBank MC. Oh wait, yesterday, I saw Joong Ki in uuyu (milk) CF. Cute~

Lee Jang-Woo as Park Tae-Kang, immature guy with no ambition at all. He is the one that got Hwang Ji-An pregnant!~

I like the setup already. Look forward for unbelievable acting skills from both of them. One thing for sure, Kim Sun-Ah will delivers it with flying colors.

I was hoping that I can talk about the extended casts, but I do not have much information on it. Maybe will talk it later.

Anyway..I need to continue my dramagasm needs. Re-run of… Secret Garden?


Disclaimer: I don’t own these pictures. Credit to the owner. Thank you very much. 🙂