[NEWS] 120505 We want to see ‘singers’ JYJ

Re-blogged again from JYJ3.net. Please wait for my RANTS later..I need to composed myself first so that my post will not become too disturb to some people out there. I am so sick and tired with all these s***. I wish JYJ will be on that terrestrial TV programs. I know they missed performing on that stage again. They are truly entertainer and darling sweethearts. Put a brave and smiling happy faces for fans to see that they’re happy and contented of the things happened now. Deep down inside, as entertainer, I am pretty sure they’re missing those feeling to be able performed in front of their loyal fans. Especially in their own country.


[Opinion] Will ‘Music Bank’ and ‘Inkigayo’ open for Junsu’s solo comeback?

It is announced that JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be releasing his solo album in May. JYJ is the representative Hallyu singers and they are the stars that many fans are waiting for. In addition, Kim Junsu left a strong impression of his role as Tod in the musical ‘Elizabeth’ in the first half of this year. Not only are local fans anticipating his solo album, it is also garnering interest overseas.

However, it is unknown if he can appear on music programs with his solo album. Immediately after the album release, Kim Junsu will be holding his first formal concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on May 19 and 20. A week after the concert, he will be starting his Asia concert tour to six Asian cities from Thailand on the 27th. Performances on music programs that can be broadcasted would fully fill up his weekend schedule.

‘Music Bank’ that changed their words only made fans worry… Who will take the responsibility?

If you are a JYJ fan, you will all know the fact that they cannot appear on terrestrial entertainment programs. There were countless of times when it was cancelled after the final decision had been made. While promoting as TVXQ, they experienced an exclusive contract dispute with SM Entertainment management agency. In the end, they formed a new group called JYJ, but we have never once seen JYJ appearing on music programs. We could only see JYJ singing OSTs in year-end award ceremonies.

In May last year, when viewers asked KBS 2TV Music Bank the reason why JYJ could not appear on the program, it said, “JYJ did not release a formal album so they could not be part of the total ranking. Henceforth, if an album is released, entertainment programs – Music Bank, etc will review and discuss with the production crew if JYJ can appear on them.”

However, the response was different when JYJ released their first Korean album. When fans objected to JYJ’s omission from Music Bank’s chart, it brought up the lawsuit problem with previous management agency SM Entertainment. According to Music Bank, it said, “Although the situation continues to change with the release of a formal album and the application of injunction, the original lawsuit between JYJ and SM is still in progress.” Music Bank also changed its words by saying, “We will postpone the appearance of entertainers who are in the middle of a lawsuit. Our stance on observing the progress of the lawsuit until the end will not change.”

According to Music Bank’s main reasoning, even though Kim Junsu releases his solo album, he will not be allowed to appear on music shows as he is a part of JYJ. Although he has put a lot of effort in making the album, he is denied of the chance to meet viewers due to the ‘lawsuit’.

Formed for 2 years… We want to see JYJ who overcame ordeals on music broadcasts

It is clear the JYJ has a high value as Hallyu stars. It is verified by the fact that they have held world tour concerts in Asia, US, Canada, North America, Spain, Germany, Europe, Chile and Peru in South America. However, no matter how many times they have appeared on broadcast in each of these countries, we actually cannot see the three of them singing on stage in South Korean television broadcasts. It is a situation in which our thirst for watching JYJ can only be quenched by watching them on dramas and musicals as they have a restriction on the activities that they are able to carry out.

At present, JYJ cannot carry out their activities properly in Japan too. When they were in TVXQ, they held the top ranks in the Oricon chart. However, it is even harder for them to release an album as JYJ now. At a concert with 8000 fans in Japan last October, JYJ revealed, “We just want to be able to do activities in Japan.” The fans are perpetually looking for JYJ in Japan, but what is the real reason for being unable to sing there?

It is not drunk driving or hit-and-run. It is also not smoking marijuana or assault. JYJ are receiving public criticism for merely asserting their rights. JYJ only hope to perform their own songs in music programs just like other singers and they do not hope for anything more or less than that. The international fans also hope for the same thing.

There are many fans who want to see JYJ as singers. Using offline methods and advertisements on buses, they promote and request JYJ to appear on music programs. The fans even used JYJ’s name to donate to charities. Although there are many people who want JYJ to appear on music programs, it is still impossible for them to do so. K-pop stars have received immense popularity overseas and made the power and status of South Korea known to the world. They are quite different from large-scale promoting and advertising, which is mainly used to promote South Korea.

Will Kim Junsu’s solo album pave the way for us to see JYJ sing on music programs? It has already been two years since they started promoting as JYJ. Now is the time to leave all the past ordeals behind and appear on music broadcasts.

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옥탑방왕세자 Rooftop Prince – Me & Crown Prince Lee Gak Part 1

Rooftop Prince (RTP) or 옥탑방왕세자 in Hanguk (Pronounced as ‘oktabbang hwangseja’) is truly…the best, clear, smoothest drama I ever watch. Maybe to some people, I declared this too early, but..as far as I know, this drama keep me on my toes and eagerly anticipate on what happened next. And make me wish everyday is Wednesday & Thursday. bwahahahaha~

I have watched too many Korean drama… Most of the dramas are predictable, become cheesy after 10th episode & got messy storyline. Transition from one scene to another scene…always..not making any sense at all. BUT! It is different with this drama. I am talking here not based on my bias towards JYJ.. truly from my passion on Korean drama. 🙂 *yeah, please believe me* LOL

On this part 1, I would like to babbling about the characters… Without revealing too many information/spoiler. Just my thought on the RTP’s characters. Which I am so amazed about.

Now, let’s see, in most Korean drama, must have PROTAGONIST & ANTAGONIST right? In our daily life & in any drama all over the world too, I assume.Yes, I can accept that fact . The only things that bug me about Korean drama is..why the antagonist characters, they must be real evil bitches/bastards? Always makes me want to smack my lappy while watching them or make me want to throw towel to the screen. Grrrr…

I think..the only Korean Drama that the antagonist characters are not so evil is none other than…drama Protect The Boss. (Jaejoongieeeee my love!!! LOL).Seriously, this drama, the antagonist roles are less intimidating and not typical.

Anyway, there are no difference with this RTP drama, the antagonist actor & actress are really evil. EVIL like nobody’s business. I really…really…really hate it! I do mean it. Grrrrr…. I am gritting my teeth every time I watched the evil splashing scene..GRRRRRRR~ I hate u, Se Na. I can hate you forever! Arrggghhhh!!!

My main point here is, in RTP, they got the characters right in the places, fitting with each other perfectly like custom glove & the characters’ development are also quite smooth. You can guess each characters while watching it without saying much or showed it too much, just to make sure that the viewers got the message right. Yeah. We do not need that. A simple gestures, message, dialogues, we can pretty guess it, alright. Not dragging, over-exposed or anything. It is just simply right. I love it! LOL.

Apparently, we can think & analyzed it on ourselves, thank you very much. We definitely can READ BETWEEN THE LINES. That is what I love about RTP. The scriptwriter treat us, like adult and smart people. I am kind of like..that facts. I feel like genius. LOL.

Below are the main casts:-

1st..Micky Yoochun. The gorgeous man, the cutiepie, adorable dorky Yoochunnie.. As Crown Prince Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong

2nd..lead actress..Han Ji Min..The noona. As Pak Ha/Bu Yong.

3rd..the evil sister..Jung Yoo Mi..As Se Na/Hwa Yong

4th..the evil cousin of Yong Tae Yong, the irritating Joon Gu from Playful Kisses, Lee Tae Sung. As Tae Mu

Han Ji Min & Yoochun..not awkward pair at all. I love them! Please get married & have children! Palli! Palli! Unlike, Yoochun & Lee Da Hae in Miss Ripley. Damn AWKWARD. Both are noona to our dear Yoochun.

Below are my favorites supporting actor..the minions/the Crown Prince’s entourage:-

1st..the eldest and the strongest of the pack..Jung Suk Won. As Wong Yong Sul. I known him before as Baek Ji Young’s boyfriend. He just got that seriousness face ever that never failed to make me laugh.

2nd.. Do Chi San. The adorable eunuch. Played by Choi Woo Shik. I really like him. He is cute as button. I even followed him on twitter too.

3rd..the maknae, & the wise one, Song Man Bo. Played by Lee Min Ho. Yeah..the other Lee Min Ho, not that drop dead gorgeous Lee Min Ho. Still, he is cute. The scrubby kiddo from Sungkyunkwan Scandal Drama. This is his 2nd appearance in drama with Micky Yoochun.

Below are the link for the characters profile. Taken from JYJ3.


As I am now learning Korean as my 3rd language, I learned a lot from this drama on how to talk & pronounced correctly words or phrases in Hanguk. Which I am so thankful for. Thank you to Crown Prince Lee Gak who speaks sangeuk. I love you for that.

Cracked me up whenever he tried to speak proper modern Korean language. Please..Yoochun..& the scriptwriter too, please (with cherry on top) sustain this good momentum. Do not ever make  me bored with this drama.

I am rooting for you, Lee Gak. & the scriptwriter too.

Dae Han Min Geuk!!!! (not relevant with any of this, I just want to shout this)

My calculations of this drama for today before I end my post:-

Lee Gak + Pak Ha = Explosive Cuteness

Lee Gak + 3 Adorable Minions = Explosive Laughter

Lee Gak + Se Na = Never-Ending Puke

Se Na + Tae Mu = Match Made From Hell

Pyo Taek Su + Aunt Seol Hee = ?

That’s all. I love you guys!

Byeoooommmm!!! *aegyo explosiveness*

JYJ Delicious Pictures

I realized since yesterday that JYJ was in Japan for JYJ Lotte Fan Meeting, I read in JYJ3. I was jealous. I am..really..like I want to smack my head to the wall. I keep restraining myself from clicking the links. I am so jealous. Japanese fans are truly among the lucky fans in the world. They always get to meet those gorgeous unbelievable, lovable, smacking, effing handsome…man. Grrrr….

Jaejoong..smile..laugh..sexyness.. *fainted*

Yoochun…smile..laugh…dorkiness *wobbly knee..nearly fell*

Junsu…smile..laugh..beautiful voice… *dizzy*

One things about JYJ, they don’t have any bad angle..Double grrrrrr…. How can such a perfect creatures ever exist in this world?

I feel..butterfly flying around in my stomach and dizzy whenever I saw Jaejoong in those pictures..Perfect..flawless beauty. Jaejoongie, please don’t kill me with your smile.. Argghhhh… Jaejoong’s laugh..also is a deadly weapon. I just realized that..Jaejoongie..kind of skinny a bit. Or is it my eyes? Nevertheless, he still gorgeous as ever.

Please visit this link. 😀 http://jyj3.net/2012/04/22/hq-pic-pic-120422-jyj-in-lotte-fanmeeting-part-3/

And this…


Fanvids from the event…


Thank You, JYJ3. Truly awesome. For JYJ lovers like me.