JYJ: Xia Junsu’s Tarantallegra Part 2


What a perfection. Junsu’s new MV, Tarantallegra really rocks my Monday!~

Tarantallegra. Daebak!!~

This song, composed and arranged by the man himself and the lyrics by JUNO, Junsu’s very own twin.

Talk about brotherhood. Great collaboration.

I decided to listened to the whole album first before posted this post..so I have been saving this post..for more than 3 days now. LOL. Above was written..on Monday and got mental block after that. Due to Junsu’s hotness. LOL.


Xia Junsu’s Tarantallegra. My humble review and opinion. I don’t talk music much, but pretty much on what I feel and heard. :). Let’s see… we got…

1. Sunset

This track..is kind of like..music introduction to the album and Tarantallegra song. What amazed me is..the mixing, the arrangement of the music..blends in perfectly. That strong beat sound..thumb..thumb..thumb..makes my thumping too. As the title of this track, Sunset, it suits perfectly with the overall feels of the song. Really genius..

2. Tarantallegra Featuring Flowsik of Aziatix

Now, I can typed the words correctly. LOL. As many know what the meaning of this word by now, let me enlighten you guys again. Tarantallegra is a jinx or spell for another person’s feet to dance uncontrollably. Oh wait! That is the definition from Harry Potter. Anyway…you get the rough idea right? Tarantella is a dance originating from Italy. Meanwhile, Allegra maybe derived from the word Allegro meaning quick and lively.

Okey…first…the MV. OMG! OMO! OMONA! I was…like facepalm myself for countless times. And the after effect of watching the MV, neck pain. Arrggghhhh!~ Junsu’s…really something.. The opening..shows Junsu and his dancers..looking sturdy, with stern face. Junsu’s strut, Junsu in red skirty outfit and Junsu as a lady. What?? OMG, I swear I don’t realized that lady in the MV was actually Junsu himself!~ He looks so pretty!~ Junsu’s really rock it in that MV.

Okey, the music. In my layman words..the music..is kind of strong beat sound in fusion with pop. Not typical K-Pop,SM kind of music. It is just so different that makes you want to humming all day long and wondering yourself whether you’re humming to an english or a korean songs. The chorus is so catchy, and make me want to corrected my pronunciation of TarantallegraΒ without missing the beat! LOL. Really not your typical K-Pop sound. Totally JYJ feel. Junsu’s way. πŸ™‚ Additional with impressive rapping from Flowsik. A genius from group Aziatix. Complete the wholesome music. I really like the drums on the intro. Makes my heart thumping real fast! LOL

3. Set Me Free (Featuring Bizzy)

Hahahaha..the intro…got techno feel.rap greeting from Bizzy. His rapping in this song really makes me go..wow!~ Junsu..is awesome. Ballad or upbeat song, he can pull it off.

4. No Gain

Jaejoong’s very own baby. Oh wait! I think, if I remembered it clearly, Jaejoong sing this song during the fan meeting of their movie, The Day, right?? I think some genius fans out there realized this as well. I was just merely remembered after I read it somewhere. Anyway, this song..really got Jaejoong’s feel. I mean..in terms of awesome piano arrangement and the intro..maybe I’m delusional but somehow I feel that similarities or signature mark of Jaejoong’s composition. Coolness! This song is one of my favorite. πŸ™‚ Jaejoong really knows how to exploit Junsu’s voice to make this song really irresistible and easy to the ears.

5. I Don’t Like Love μ‚¬λž‘μ΄ μ‹«λ‹€κ΅¬μš”

I love this song! OMG I do! Don’t make start with this. Each time I listened to this song, I feel like crying. No..I cried, for real. OMG . Junsu’s voice, it is just superb. Call me drama queen or dramatic, I feel surge of mixed emotion every time I listened to this song. So powerful, I can feel so much love, agony, pain from the song. Overflowing emotion coming from his heavenly voice.

6. Turning Around And Around 돌고 λŒμ•„λ„

My another personal favorite. This song..got sageuk drama feel to me. LOL. Me and sageuk drama.. LOL. Anyway, I love that ‘lalalalalllaalalalla’ part. Silly me. LOL. I think I can hear the orchestra in the music. Violin..and other instruments. πŸ™‚ Genius. The orchestra feels really creeps into me. OMG. I can imagine now Junsu performing this song with orchestra. Really daebak!

7. Intoxication

I am thankful CJes decided to put this song into this album. This song..the music itself already sound very provocative. LOL. Grrrrr~~ Somehow, this song gets me into the mood to dance salsa *Scent of Women* LOL. I am so dramatic. The music is really sexy and alluring at the same time.

8. Breath Featuring Double K

Woot! Again, another upbeat song in this album. I think Junsu..rapping or sing real fast in second verse of the song. Somehow, there is distinctive sound of JYJ can be heard in this song? Am I,again, being delusional? Anyway, Double K nailed this song with strong hiphop feels infused into the song. Coolness

9. Obviously Know μ•Œλ©΄μ„œλ„

Ballad song. Another song that can make me cry. Especially when I’m alone in my car while listening to this song *dramatic mode again* . LOL. The arrangement of the song really good. Junsu’s on the high note, really awesome in this song. Full of emotion.

10. Lullaby Featuring Gaeko of Dynamic Duo

My personal favorite. Sexy ballad song. Junsu’s sexy yet heavenly voice collided with sexy music. Explosive ballad song! Makes me all warm inside. Victorious rap by Gaeko of Dynamic Duo.

11. Fever

An upbeat song that makes me have this kind of thought..Somebody or any dance group in any dance competition will use this song to dance to. This song got this kind of feels. That groovy feels and catchy beat. The music again, suits Junsu’s new good badass image perfectly :). The chorus reminds me of other music genre. Again, not typical pop sound.

12. The Tree that Holds the Dew μ΄μŠ¬μ„ λ¨ΈκΈˆμ€ λ‚˜λ¬΄

Another personal favorite. Very JYJ feels. πŸ™‚ Junsu’s mesmerized voice caught me at the very first word he sings in this song. Really daebak. Soulful and yet strong emotion surged in. Like strong current, keep pulling me in. No joke.

My post already become very lengthy. But in order to make it more beautiful, I need to add in some pictures. Please bear with me. πŸ˜€

That’s all for now. Toodlesss!

Junsu..hot & sexy pose OMG it is just a simple pose for god’s sake! LOL. πŸ˜€


Junsu at Press Conference of Tarantallegra Album. Such a cutie pie πŸ˜€

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owner. Thank you very much.



JYJ: Xiah Junsu’s Tarantallegra

OMG. Junsu’s solo album!~

Can’t wait! Junsu’s have such a beautiful and yet powerful voice. Arrrgggghhhhh~!

Album title:-

Xia (μ€€μˆ˜) – Tarantallegra 수둝곑

Junsu’s Tarantallegra~ AWESOME!~

Title Tracks:-

1. Sunset
Lyrics by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
2. Tarantallegra (Feat. Flowsik of Aziatix)
Lyrics by: JUNO / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
3. Set Me Free (Feat. Bizzy)
Lyrics by: Xia, Fraktal / Composed by: Xia, Fraktal
4. No Gain
Lyrics by: Kim Jaejoong / Composed by: Kim Jaejoong
5. μ‚¬λž‘μ΄ μ‹«λ‹€κ΅¬μš” (I Don’t Like Love)
Lyrics by: Jung Hye Sung / Composed by: Jung Hye Sung / Arranged by: Jung Hye Sung
6. 돌고 λŒμ•„λ„
Lyrics by: JUNO / Composed by: Xia
7. Intoxication
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
8. Breath (Feat, Double K)
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia / Arranged by: Xia
9. μ•Œλ©΄μ„œλ„
10. Lullaby (Feat. κ°œμ½” Of Dynamic Duo)
Lyrics by: Xia, Fraktal / Composed by: Xia
11. Fever
Lyrics by: JUNO, Xia
12. μ΄μŠ¬μ„ λ¨ΈκΈˆμ€ λ‚˜λ¬΄
Lyrics by: Xia / Composed by: Xia

No Gain!!?? Cool!~ Jaejoongie’s composition.

Oh! I saw JUNO as lyricist! JUNO is Junsu’s twinnie right????

Saw some good collaboration here. Again, we have Flowsik of Aziatix. I always like Aziatix and personally I think, Flowsik is good rapper ya’ll. LOL. And then we have Bizzy and Double K, both are Korean hiphop artists. And finally we have Gaeko of Dynamic Duo. Cool line up.. Can’t wait to hear how good those collaboration will be. It must be HYPE!~

One thing for sure, those hiphop artists I mentioned above are all part of the Movement, a Korean hip-hop crew, which includes several other well-known hip-hop artists. Cool right? Except for Flowsik, he is in class of his own. πŸ˜€

Some people might wondering, why ‘Xia’ not ‘Xiah’? I am questioning myself the same question too. Well, since I’m learning korean, beginner class…the word is in hangulΒ  written as ‘μ‹œμ•„’. As far as I’m concerned, based on my not-so-good korean, it is pronounced as ‘Xia’ instead of ‘Xiah’.

‘γ……’ as ‘ss’ with additional of ‘γ…£’ as ‘ee’ so it will become as shi or xi. And then we have ‘μ•„’. ‘ㅏ’ is pronounced as ‘a’. Since ㅏ is a vowel, it cannot stand alone, that is when we need to add ‘γ…‡’ to make it work. So, it become as XIA.

Wow. Korean is challenging. :). I am not sure whether I am right or not. I have limited vocabulary and information on Korean language. I maybe make a mistakes here, compared to mother tongue speaker. πŸ˜€


I have to wait for another 2 weeks to get my hands on this CD. Gaaahh~ It’s okey then.. πŸ™‚

Anyway, guys, please buy this CD from your trusted sources. Those purchased CDs will be contributing ranking in Hanteo Chart. One thing I know for sure that my local provider, buys directly in South Korea. Bought many K-pop items from her and she lived down south area in Malaysia!~ What else can I do, I don’t trust other sources. :). I have some trust issue in terms of contributing numbers in JYJ’s product purchasing. LOL.

Again..look forward for the fantastic and awesome album from Junsu of JYJ. I am glad that Jaejoongie have contributed his baby to Junsu. All his composition are unbelievably good!~

Junsu, Fighting!~ JYJ, Fighting!~

What Is Wrong With These People??

OMG. Again…malicious attack towards JYJ began.

What is freaking wrong with these people? Are they jealous of sky-rocketed popularity of our JYJ? Junsu with his successful musical and solo album coming up. Come along, our Yoochun that get all praised for his outstanding acting performance in the RTP and always get love calls for CF. Meanwhile, Jaejoong that expanded his horizon to another drama project and become composer again for Junsu’s solo album. Emm…jealous much. I know it.. JYJ popularity really rising over the whole globe. More than any of their artists can ever achieved. Pfffttttt~ jealousy… I can list of millions of JYJ’s achievement here. I know one fact for sure, they cannot contradict the popularity of JYJ now. They cannot deny it. Can’t. Just can’t.

Are those vermin desperate? Since their artists are not at par with JYJ? They keep on trying to tarnish JYJ’s image. Gaaahh~~~

I hate that Dispatch reporter…He wrote about Yoochun again, about his enlistment.Please do not click to any articles on this matter. Those people are horrible. They just plain mean. Allegedly saying Yoochun is faking his health status? Or the authority being stupid enough on the judgement of Yoochun’s health status? OMO! Stupid moron! If you don’t know about asthmatic attack or asthmatic…then.. those people are such an ignorance fool. It pains me..I know the feeling, perfectly, onΒ  having your loves ones suffered with asthmatic.

Please read here for further details.

I hope JYJ will stay strong together against all these attacks. Those people are persistent. Damn. I hate them. Please rot in hell.

JYJ On Variety/Music Show..Is It Too Much To Ask?

This morning, while I am driving in my car to the train station, I was listening to JYJ’s songs. Suddenly, I was wondering, how many months now JYJ was not appeared in any music shows or variety show so to speak?? I am so pissed. I was like, ‘arrrgghhhhhh’ why and when we can stop all this madness? I want to see them in those show! Music shows! Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core,Β  or anything!

During my Korean Language class last Monday, one of my classmates said that she just got back from South Korea for a 1 week trip. She is the one that I said previously in my twitter, that SM/OT5 lover. She said she managed to enter one of a music show called Music Core. She said, she want to watch that EXO-K performance. I was like…WTH, man! I was so jealous of her and can’t stop myself wishing JYJ to perform on that stage. 😦

I watched Running Man (RM) and other variety shows. I love variety shows. Those shows are funny, light-hearted and de-stressful medium for me. I am so hooked up with Running Man. I love Yoo Jae Suk a.k.a The Grasshopper. He is truly the Number One National MC in Korea. He deserved that title. Anyway, each time I watched RM, I want to see JYJ in it, running around, making jokes and show off their excellent variety skills. I know 1 fact that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are really funny in variety shows! OMG, you can see it in most their previous variety shows appearance when they with TVXQ before. They are hilarious, handsome and not forgetting, cheerful. I love them. I came across in youtube, variety show called Family Outing of SBS. Yoo Jae Suk was the MC. There was 1 episode that have Yunho and Junsu as guest. I love it. Junsu was so funny, I was cried laughing like mad. From this show, Junsu admitted that his IQ was less than 100! I doubt that. LOL. There is another one variety show..called Happy Together on KBS. Again, Yoo Jae Suk as the main MC. I like this show too. I came across with the episode that got Jaejoong and Yoochun. OMG, they are so freaking funny! I was clapping and laughing..again..like mad. In short, JYJ really got variety skills. The best.

I cannot help but to wish for them to appear in any variety shows. Or music program. When I watched Win Win, I always imagined that JYJ was seated on that couch, interviewed by Sugeun, Seong Woo, GiKwang. Or in Strong Heart, interviewed by the MC. Or in Infinity Challenge.. or in any variety shows! OMG. Is it too much to ask? You’ll might end up got the highest rating ever for your show if featured JYJ on it! Gaaaahhhh~~ I do not know when will this SM shit intervention will end. I’m fed-up and so mad to those people in entertainment world, broadcast company who are stupid enough to succumb to those vermin or good-for-nothing people. Their artists is not that good, for god’s sake!~ You will not lost even 1/4 of your viewers by not featuring their artist, believe me.

Is it too much to ask?

JYJ Delicious Pictures

I realized since yesterday that JYJ was in Japan for JYJ Lotte Fan Meeting, I read in JYJ3. I was jealous. I am..really..like I want to smack my head to the wall. I keep restraining myself from clicking the links. I am so jealous. Japanese fans are truly among the lucky fans in the world. They always get to meet those gorgeous unbelievable, lovable, smacking, effing handsome…man. Grrrr….

Jaejoong..smile..laugh..sexyness.. *fainted*

Yoochun…smile..laugh…dorkiness *wobbly knee..nearly fell*

Junsu…smile..laugh..beautiful voice… *dizzy*

One things about JYJ, they don’t have any bad angle..Double grrrrrr…. How can such a perfect creatures ever exist in this world?

I feel..butterfly flying around in my stomach and dizzy whenever I saw Jaejoong in those pictures..Perfect..flawless beauty. Jaejoongie, please don’t kill me with your smile.. Argghhhh… Jaejoong’s laugh..also is a deadly weapon. I just realized that..Jaejoongie..kind of skinny a bit. Or is it my eyes? Nevertheless, he still gorgeous as ever.

Please visit this link. πŸ˜€ http://jyj3.net/2012/04/22/hq-pic-pic-120422-jyj-in-lotte-fanmeeting-part-3/

And this…


Fanvids from the event…


Thank You, JYJ3. Truly awesome. For JYJ lovers like me.