K-Drama Alert: Bridal Mask


Replacing The Equator Man, after 2 extended episodes..come….BRIDAL MASK. Is this fusion drama again? Nope! Nope! Nope! Still under category of Sageuk drama..except..the drama is set way back…during the 1930s, Korea under Japanese ruling. Not Joseon or Goryeo era.

Woot! Woot!

Well, let’s see…dramabeans anticipate for this drama already. Perhaps because of Joo-Won -sshi? I don’t know. One thing for sure….Joo-Won~ is my reason. Gaahhh~ What’s wrong with me? Each drama must have a good looking actor as main lead? No..no..it is just… the catalyst for me to watch any K-drama. LOL.


Joo-Won. I am still can’t shake off my disappointment when he turned down the role of Prince Yang Myeong in The Moon That Embrace The Sun. Even though,I know it was like ages ago..but..I still want him in sageuk drama. Jung Il-Woo was good though. I can’t complaint much. 🙂  I like watching Joo-Woo in latest line-up in 2 days 1 night variety show on KBS. He’s cute in that show..maknae of the pack and I can see him in a whole different perspective. Different charm. I like it! He got….series of aegyo that I swear, he really make me want to pinched him, squeezed him and hugged him. So adorably cute! He even wears winged sneakers for god’s sake! LOL.

Some still pictures from the drama. Featuring…Joo-Woo himself *grinning*

Cutie pie..Joo-Woo

Why is the title is Bridal Mask? Simple..Joo-Won acted as a hero. Like batman a.k.a. superheroes without super power-  kind of thing. During the day, he is just normal guy and a policeman, but during the night, he will fight those bad people, fight over injustice and independence..help other people. Dual personality, nameless hero…wowwow.. Reminds me of Bruce Wayne. Except Bruce Wayne is filthy rich and not during this time period. Impressive! Gaaaahhh~~ Cool right? I like it already… And…he wears the bridal mask for disguise. LOL. Masquerade thingy! Love it! I shall mark my calender for this drama. Definitely.

KBS..you guys, really love Joo-Woo, right? From Ojakgyo Brothers to Happy Together then 2D1N and now Bridal Mask? LOL. He is like..Lee Seung Gi on KBS too. KBS love Lee Seung Gi. Maybe we can anticipate Joo-Woo on Gag Concert too?? LOL. I doubt it.

Anyway..I wonder…korean drama nowadays..those people got a hell lot of interesting ideas. I mean great ideas. Don’t make me start on dramas in my country. Cliche..predictable..boring…and..stereotype. I don’t really know nor care. I hate Malaysian drama. LOL.

This drama was based on comic or manhwa what they called in Korea. Wow..talk about similarity…Marvel.. Coolness!~ Oh wait, why can’t I found any official drama posters? Haven’t they released it yet? Oh right, Dr Jin also have not released any official drama poster too!

Move on..Other main casts?

To tell you the truth, I have not found many information on this. Just a bit piece on dramabeans, and soompi. I don’t really read allkpop. I hate allkpop.

Anyway… the heroine..Jin Se-Yeon? Who is she? Rookie actress? Why I never came across her before? Wae? Not sure, maybe the drama she acted..is not so popular? Such a sweet looking girl. 😀 She was in It’s Okey, Daddy’s Girl. But why I don’t notice her in that drama? I watched that drama for god’s sake! Did my old mind played trick on me? Gaaahhh~~

Jin Se-Yeon

Antagonist character…played by Park Ki-Woong!~I don’t know him? OMG in the net, there are a lot of stories and articles on him and yet I don’t know him. Sorry for my ignorance. This guy already in my most wanted list. 😀

2nd lead actress, Han Chae-Ah..I don’t know much about her too, have not see any of her drama yet. Again, I am sorry for my ignorance. She’s pretty though.

24 episodes! OMG!~

A little bit on Korean history..

Korean under Japanese ruling or I should say controlled by the Japanese from 1910 until August 1945. After the annexation, Japanese have done many things in Korea for their benefits at that time. Like communication and transportation network which extorts the Korean. Japan also removed (can I say demolished?) Joseon hierarchy and destroyed Gyeongbokgung palace. Anyway, now the palace have been restored and you can go there when you’re in Seoul :). One of the biggest palace in Seoul. Beautiful palace.

Wow..a bit serious there. But, now Korean and Japanese have been in friendly terms though. The history that makes who are us now. So..no harm there. Just a note of Korean history for kind reference. :D.

Well, I am looking forward for another sageuk drama..which falls under different timeline. This drama got a rough start when one stunt double died and many drama crews seriously injured from a bus accident. They resumed shooting after one week of the accident.

OMG too many serious matter here. Gaaaaaaahhh~~ tsk tsk tsk

On lighter note…

Hi Jo0-Woo!~ Noona will anticipate for your good acting ne~ Muahhh~