K-Drama Alert: A Gentleman’s Dignity

Woottttt~ Wooot~

I haven’t got much time in telling you guys of  my tales on this drama before. A bit too late..But it’s okey..better late than never 🙂

Replacing Dummy Mommy for weekend drama slot on SBS soon, comes..another most anticipated drama ever…*drum roll please*….A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY!~ From the director of Secret Garden apparently.

Anyway, the main casts…seems GOOD!~ Wohhooo! We got Jang Dong Gun, who already makes his mark on jolly Hollywood entertainment world. He came back again to the small screen. I like it!~ I like him now..not his earlier years in dramaland. Well, I still can’t shake off his image on All About Eve drama. I was like..really? That was him?? So not cool. His most outstanding performance for me is on Taegukgi movie with that handsome Won Bin. Really daebak. You guys should watch this movie. Really cool movie. Aw, this going to make cry again. OMG. What’s wrong with me?

Jang Dong Gun..as main lead with other 3 awesome guys and dramabeans refer them as F44!? LOL. F44? For god’s sake, so funny! Why F44? Since they will be a bunch of good friends in the drama, they’re all in their forties and handsome (?). They will be facing all those sorts of normal stuff, love, breakup, failure, success. You guys already know the drill anyway.  Bwahahahahaha..

How on earth we can still call them F4? They are not…typical F4, right?I don’t think so.LOL. Hot Ahjusshi rules!~

Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin. I think..he’s the most handsome of the pack..

He’s staring at Kim Ha Neul. So freaking…intimidating!~*secretly wishing for somebody check on me like that! LOL*

Yahooo!~ Those other 3 guys are..

Kim So-Roo. I known him from Family Outing variety show. Funny old fella. His strength is equal to Sparta Jong Kook. Makes appearance in Running Man not long ago. The character name in this drama is Im Tae San.

Kim Jong Min..He’s in Athena, Goddess of War.. Handsome ahjusshi. He will play as Choi Yon.

Lee Jong Hyuk…Oh wait..I think I saw him in KBS’s Crime Squad. I really like that drama. He will be Colin or Corrin if you said it in Korean. 😀

(from left – right)Jang Dong-gun, stars as the cold architect with a sharp tongue; Lee Jong Hyuk, as the happy-go-lucky, married playboy ; Kim So-Roo, the innocent-but-macho guy who’s got no game; Kim Jong Min the super-considerate lawyer.

Still cuts from A Gentleman’s Dignity

Totally sweet ~! Cherry blossom date. I like!!~
Hahahahha..checking on girls, guys? Grrrrr~
Hey..what u looking at, mister!~….Grrrrr!~
I swear they looked very handsome in suits!~ I am soooooooo stoked with men in suit

I have not talked about the main lead actress, right? Here we go…

Main lead actress who will have love line with our Jang Dong Gun is Kim Ha Neul. A talented and pretty actress who acted in movie ‘You’re My Pet’ with Jang Geun Suk. :). Not much I can say about her, waiting for her outstanding performance in this drama (Did I expecting too much? I hope not). Anyway, Ha Neul eonnie really nemo yeppo 🙂

Kim Ha Neul eonnie…very pretty. I’m jealous.~

Below is the teaser of this drama, including tudou’s link.

A Gentleman’s Dignity Preview on Tudou

Looking good right? I can’t help but to laughed at those 4 guys when they said ‘yeppo?’. Wondering what are they talked about! Cool! Love it already. I’m rooting for Dr. Jin btw. Since my love is Jaejoongie..  I hope for the best for this drama though.

Good grief!! I hate this kind of feeling. Maybe people will says my words might be contrary to what I said earlier. But.. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH~

Anyway, did somebody said….Jong Hyun-ssi will acted in this drama!?! Shut up! Are you sure…that handsome guitarist/vocalist of CN Blue?? OMG, Boice will go ecstatic!~ Err..me too!!!!

Jong Hyun and Kim So Roo :). Jong Hyun -ah..Another 1 valid reason for me to watch you..err..no..this drama 🙂

Enjoy fellas! I took more than 2 days to make this post. 🙂

I hate SBS for their never-ending promotion on this drama. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR~~

Have a nice weekend ahead. Toodles!~

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owner. Thank you very much.