King Of 2 Hearts 더킹 투하츠 – Additional Casts

Owh crap. I did forget to mentioned about any of the extended casts in this drama. Silly me. It was an honest mistakes. Too mesmerized with Lee Seung Gi.I’m so sorry.

Anyway, did I ever tell you guys that this drama is really cute? I mean with all the casts and all. OMG. So freaking cute. Especially with the love-hate-rigid relationship between Eun Shi Gyung, played by Jo Jung-Suk & my favorite seungsenim from Dream High, Miss Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin. Least that I expected that this guy…

The Eun Shi Gyung, the Royal Guard, played by Jo Jung Suk

is…a musical actor!! Wooooot~ Sorry for being skeptical, but he is just that..don’t have that musical singer look. LOL.

OMG. Jae Shin and Eun Shi Gyung..really cute. Again, please get married and have babies with red hair & have that stern seriousness looking. LOL. Cute~

Please get married fast! palli! palli!

Now..let’s talk about the least favorable character in this drama. The antagonist character. OMG. This guy.. really can make me hate him forever. I know it is just acting, but man….he’s really damn good. Yoon Je Moon as John Mayer a.k.a. Kim Bong Gu. LOL. You should watch him in this drama. He is really something.

See..I'm doing magic. Now I AM KING. And then I AM TOM? Bwahahahahaha

Wow..I love the main cast..the extended cast. I even love the Queen Dowager. So sweet.. That’s all for now. Byeooommmm~

Before that…

Lee Seung Gi in tub. Delicious. i think I saw his armpit hair. Cute~ *crazy noona alert*

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King Of 2 Hearts 더킹 투하츠

King Of 2 Hearts 더킹 투하츠(pronounced as deokingtuhacheeu) drama is on my list of must-watch drama on Wednesday & Thursday K-Drama slot.

This non-existent Royalty in South Korea in real world really makes me wonders how Korean must longing somehow to have their own Royal monarchy. Reminded me of on how many drama were made based on this fictional non-existent Royal throne. Let’s see..Princess Hour 1 & 2, Prince Hour, & ….oh wait, do we have more? The sequels makes me squeak.

Okey..Let’s move on. The casts..

Lee Seung Gi, oh dear. He got his own distinguished charm that I can’t quite put my finger on it. The ‘Noona Fans Loves Me’ effect from him is a little bit overwhelming. Seriously, I don’t really get it. Why on earth he can make my heart flutters all over? When he smiled to Ha Jin Won!? Or even when he said simple things like, ‘I’m the king..&  your fiancee’!? Gaaaahhhh~ Am I mad? Or just plainly desperate for love? LOL.

So sweet~ I'm melting!~

I think in this drama, he acted better than before. I mean from his My Girlfriend is Gumiho drama. I am kind of falling in love with the King Jae Ha characters. In this drama, he was born as 2nd Prince, and reluctantly replaced his assassinated brother king. Wow. I really love the close bonding of the brothers in this drama. I LOVE IT! Seung Gi & Lee Sung Min really can make the best ever brother’s bonding on screen. EVER. They make me feel longing for more. Too bad, it was on a few episodes only. I love it. Totally. 100% love them to the bits.

Brotherhood~Bromance Lee Jae Kang & Lee Jae Ha

I cried like a silly girl when the brother died. Not literally, cried like sobbing uncontrollably. Gahhh~ I always cried. Don’t mind me. I was like~ Oh why, Mr-Scriptwriter, why do you have to kill him??!  His brother still need him. *sobsobsob*

Need to composed myself back again…. I hate drama that make me cried. No, I take that back. Crying is good..sometimes.


Ha Jin Won, wow..she’s older than me. Born in 1978 & yet still look very young. I intensely screened at most of her pictures recently, just to spot any wrinkles. Please.. at least one line of wrinkles. Nope. None. WTH. She was in Secret Garden before with Hyun Bin. How can I forget that foam kiss? So sweet~ Thinking of this, suddenly makes me want to get a dry latte. Now…I just need a guy. Jaejoongie, please? MMuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh~~


I like the story line..Not so cheesy. Keep on trying to differentiate the North Korean dialect. Ha Ji Won makes me believe that she is really North Korean. She is not, right? Tsk tsk tsk. It is really something else. The drama…somehow predictable in cute way. Gaaaaahhhh~

Jae Ha the king..when saying ‘ ahhh..stress’  I like I like eating ice cream. So adorably cute too,  like 고양이.. LOL

Aaggghhhhh~ Stress

Go, please watch this drama if you can. Don’t expect too much. Just go with the flow. 😀


Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures. Credit to the owner & MBC