K-Drama Alert: Ghost (SBS)

Woottt~ Woot~

I know…I know..it is sucks! Rooftop Prince (RTP) will end this 24 May 2012. That is the very reason why I keep delaying this post *in denial!* Arrrggghhhh~ . This drama, GHOST will be replacing RTP on Wednesday-Thursday primetime drama slot.

Since I’m in denial mode, I had writer’s block since yesterday. LOL.

Ghost… (or Phantom)

From the description (not synopsis) of the drama that I read, it seems that the drama..not directly connected with errrr….real ghost? I mean that scary s***, that hunted your dreams or supernatural kind of things. Nope…maybe..in the plot..but..the description..a bit too brief.. From the title itself, I keep thinking that this drama would be connected with supernatural thingy, right? Can’t help it. Bwaahahahaha

Owhhhhh!~ It’s a crime investigation drama! Like drama Sign, right?? Gaaaahhh~ Wait!? It’s cyber crimes? Cool!

Okey, let’s see here.. main lead…So Ji Sub will play a role of Kim Woo Hyun, anti-social guy and a perfectionist. He is an elite police officer that enters into the police academy and also graduates with flying colors. After graduating, he joins the cyber investigation unit. And…that’s all about it, ladies and gentlemen… I don’t know this guy that well in k-drama world. Period. I know he acted in What Happened in Bali (with Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung) and Sorry, I Love You..and that’s it. Ignorance nee? But I haven’t see any of his drama. Sorry.

Still cut picture from Ghost. This clean cut image of So Ji Sub. Kind of refreshing compared him in I’m Sorry, I Love You drama.

Main lead actress… Lee Yeon Hee..will play as Yoo Kang Mi… a twenty-something pretty detective..known for being an uljjang (famous for being pretty online) and…that’s about it too. What?~ Anyway..I watched her in Paradise Ranch drama and Running Man. And on that famous Hyun Bin’s movie, A Millionaire’s First Love. She’s alright..except..her as detective? That kind of…surprised to me. She’s under SM by the way. *cough* To tell you the truth, I want to keep an open mind while watching this drama later. I feel that her acting skills are bit kind of..weak? it is just my opinion..I don’t know about you guys out there. Maybe, she will be different in this drama..I don’t know… LOL!~

Still cut from filming of the Ghost drama. Lee Yeon Hee.

2nd lead actor…Daniel Choi. Oh wait! I know him..he is that guy who acted in Baby-faced Beauty along with Jang Nara. 2nd lead and I can’t find anywhere what is his role name in this drama.

We also got G.O. from k-pop group MBLAQ. His role as Lee Tae Kyun. And again…that’s all about it. Gaaahh~

What with all these secrecy? Highly anticipated drama? Naaaaahhhh~ I don’t think so, missy!  Why SBS did not disclosed or promotes massively like they did with RTP before it got aired? I wonder…. or is it just my imagination?