Flower Boy Is My Style

READ THIS ~ Before you proceed  to read this blog entry, please take note that this entry might disclose some spoilers of Flower Boy Next Door(TVN) and excessive fangirling. Enter at your risk. Consider yourself have been warned. LOL


GoMiNam or Flower Boy installment. Flower Boy Next Door on TVN.

I managed to finish the drama yesterday. I cried.

Yes..you read it right..I weep, like a baby. I cried a storm. Wae-yo?

Because I am sucker for this kind of love story. And those twerps hormone was one of the factor as well. Duhhh. Don’t mind me, I blamed the hormone as well for my over-sensitive nature these days.

Heart warming..heart aching..you name it…I suffered it all from this drama. The after-effect. Urrghhh

Love it.. the editor/producer/writer whatever they is…managed to make me bluntly and simply guess on what will happened on next episode. They leaved it hanging in the end of each episodes.. And let the imagination runs wild.BUT…when you watched the next episode..you’re totally wrong. Yes. Wrong. My prediction was wrong all the time. I presume, human minds works so simple and easy indeed. They played and messed with my head. I hate them for that. (I am not, LOL). yes..they make the U-turn on K-Drama predictable road, TOTALLY. Gahhhhh~

I am sorry..but did you say that.. Ke-Geum-Mie, my Ke-Geum-Mie…Is not that cute? Are you freaking blind?!!!!??!! He is so freaking cute!


I rest my case.

Anyway… On the last episode, Dok Mi said to Enrique…

“Like the sun rises and sets, without change, I’ll wait.”

Awesome. Again..I pulled my hair! Urrgghhhh. mad. mad. madddddd…. I want to cry!

Are you sure your heart will never sway? Waver a bit? Sure? Are you really..really sure?

The plot, the conflict, the story-line, the ending? Dae to the Bak.

Read here… the story was REALISTIC & RELEVANT.

Nevertheless, the ending is sweet. Like those sweetness that you tasted when you had ice-crush, fruity flavored. BAM! You got that brain-freeze effect at one point. Awesome. I like that kind of sweetness. LOL. it messed with your head for a split second. What a weird analogy. Hey, it’s my blog. I can do and used any analogy that I want. HAHAHAHA.

I like the ending and I don’t care what other people said. I just love it.!~

Over The Top Conflicts? Nope. Can’t find it either. Not in my closet.

Loose-ends? I’d even take a look under my desk. Nope..No loose-ends. Wherefore art thou, Loose-ends? I even yelled to my laptop while watching the final episode (ehem…during the kiss scene).  Btw, thank you, Drama Lord for giving Oh Jin Rak, another Go Dok Mi for cure the ‘I Like Dok-Mi Too’ virus. LOL

Unrequited- love? Owh. tell me all about it. I am an expert on that department. Errrr…with Jaejoong, Heechul, Hyesung Oppa and Himchannie.

I won’t lie here. I secretly wished for more skinship. But…..

I’d even chanting silently..’Skinship…skinship..skinship..’ But…..

I’d wished for more kiss scene.. ‘Kiss..Kiss..Kiss.’ But….

That BIG FAT BUT!!~ Argggggghhhhh

The casts/characters?

All those characters in the drama…seems very real and make sense! It feels real. Think now, you just cannot tell about somebody/someone’s life story just by looking at them, right? Can’t you? Owh..if you can..just drop me your email lol. Unless you’re freaking psychic. LOL.

Go Dok Mi…portrayed perfectly by Park Shin Hye. Emmmm..she seems effortless. How much the characters developed slowly throughout the drama. This is what I called..genius. Genius writer.  But…What bugs me the most is..for a lady who did not go out for more than a year…do or can that lady to have.. a perfectly manicured hands? Or did Go Dok Mi did it herself at home? LOL. Her hands..was perfectly manicured..buffed. Grrrrrr…

Enrique Geum..Yoon Shi Yoon. For a pretty lady like Go Dok Mi, how dares he called Go Dok Mi as ‘AHJUMMA’??? Damn. That’s bothers me the most. TOTALLY not COOL!

The chemistry between Go Dok Mi and Enrique? Sizzling. dynamic without over the top. LOL. or is it just me? Nahhhhh…. LOL

Oh Jin Rak. Typical boys next door. He seems so normal to me. Funny, normal and sometimes stupid. LOL

Dong-Hoon.. Thanks for couple with Webtoon-PD-nim. She will balance you out. LOL

Do-hwi..after you came to understand her…she makes me fell off from the edge of hatred.

Webtoon PD-nim, awesome! I like her. Didn’t I told this fact on my previous post? She was HILARIOUS without making any lame stupid jokes.

My favorite and memorable scenes in the drama..

– When Jin Rak high five with Donghoon. Jin Rak practically high five on Donghoon’s face. LMAO

Flower Boy Next Door.E02.mp4_001238870

– Go Dok Mi and Enrique 1st kiss in Dok Mi’s apartment. So freaking S.W.E.E.T.


– That smitten Webtoon PD-nim. Everytime she was like…totally smitten with Dong-Hoon. Totally cracks me up.


– That failed fugitive plan and those guys in suits scenes. I’m dying. Totally funny. Totally dorks


– Sunset forehead kiss scene. OMG SO SWEET! When Enrique hopes that Dok Mi to say that ILU words. Hopeful fella! LOL


– That final last kiss scene. Grrrr…. So sweet.


It seems I like..or obsessed of the kiss scenes LOL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Don’t care. LOL

Before I humbly end this post..the OST.

Cute. I kinda like most of the songs in the drama. The lyrics of those songs..so pretty! *I can see flowers in my dream now*

Only some of the songs…doesn’t work for me. But I like the overall soundtrack throughout the drama.

My favorite OST for this drama is by J-Rabbit. Talking About Love. The guitar, acoustic feeling. I love it. I feels like been CN-Blue-ish by the song. Another one is Lee Jung – Wish It Was You. Totally pretty lyrics *I saw flowers again in my sleep*

Owh! That cutie Yoon Shi Yoon also lend his cute voice to the drama. Cute. Like flower. ****


Conclusion: Good drama. I like this one better than 2 installment of Flower Boys series. it is not that perfect, but different and heart-warming drama. Period.  Hey! I’m not bias! LOL


**Credit: Thank you to pictures owner**


GoMiNam Style Is My Taste Ya’ll

I call it love..people around me called it obsession.

DO I CARE? Naaaahh!! LOL

My love to Korean Drama is beyond words. (and K-pop too lol)

OMG especially NOW. I mean, NOW..

Can you imagine how badly and how much I tried to hold up myself not to go insane everyday?

The weekly drama line up now…is really INSANE!!! Gosh!

Okey..let’s see…

Monday – Tuesday.. We have Flower Boy Next Door on TVN, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek on KBS, Yawang (*CRINGE -.-) on SBS and the long term drama, Horse Healer

Wednesday – Thursday.. We have That Winter, The Wind Blows on SBS (OMG! OMG! OMG!), Iris 2 on KBS (I am looking forward to Lee Joon and DooJoon acting skills!) and Level 7 Civil Servant on MBC (Joo Won is back in dramaland as handsome agent!!!!)

Friday.. We have Play Guide on TVN. The sexy Son Dambi, and that cute GoMiNam Park Min Woo. I think I saw him on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.


Saturday – Sunday.. We have My Daughter Seo-Young on KBS. Urrghhh..My bad, my weekend was too full with activities (yeah..right!!). I only managed to watch this drama only. LOL.

Out of the dramas I mentioned above, I only managed to watch religiously…errr..only some of it. LOL.

Again.. I am that busy. HAHAHAHA.


But this time around..I would like to talk about Flower Boy Next Door. Briefly. Sparingly. Whatever it is.

Let’s see.. Flower Boy Next Door. At first, I thought this drama will be predictable. And yes..I am going to watch it just to have a good, stupid laugh therapy. OMG, I was so wrong! The drama..GREAT! Initially, I’m just an onlookers who is bored and looking for any happy, light drama to watch. Thank you very much, and now…I’M HOOKED UP! Gaaaaahhhh!! I was anticipate and wait anxiously every week. Yeah, I got it bad. So bad..

Okey..the drama started off with an introduction of the main characters. And I was thinking, God, this would be another teeny-boopers drama, based on its franchise before, the Flower Boy thingy. Again, I WAS SO WRONG!! As the story progress, the characters characteristics were unveiled slowly..like an onion. Peeling layer by layer and make it so interesting! OMG I want to meet the writer! Genius! To the boots! The plot also was crafted so beautifully.. The flashback seems to be relevant and on spot. OMG.OMG.OMG. Never imagine this drama would be so freaking interesting. HAHAHAHA. Now, my biggest problem is.. I cannot predict the ending. LOL. This would be very..very..interesting. This drama was among the drama makes me pulls my hair every time its ended on each episode with more questions. AND I NEED TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE FOR THE ANSWERS! Yeah, I am that pissed, since I need to caps lock my emotion. LOL.

Each characters have their own story to it. Have significant roles and impact on the story. Directly and indirectly. Among my favorite role in the drama is this one…

My Fave

Awesome eyebag (What is wrong with me? Me liking eyebag? LOL). Really. I love your antics and narcissism! LOL. Miss Eyebag-Editor. She’s so freaking funny. Without her doing any lame jokes. LOL.


You guys can predict my taste already. I love GoMiNam type of boys/guys. LOL. And I like.. Yoon Shi Yoon. He is so adorably cute. Makes me want to pinch his cutesy cheeks and makes him do aegyo explosion/aegyo/giyomi player! And makes lame jokes, acting all cute and jumps around me cutely..oh..I need to stop now. Yes..I like cutesy shit. Grrrrrr… Yoon Shi Yoon act as Enrique Geum in the drama. A game creator/director that holds two citizenship, Spain and South Korea. Cool, right? Yoon Shi Yoon..not only insanely cute, he also love to read. Guys who reads (but not geeks).. are really damn HOT. LOL. How often you saw actor who reads between the takes? In the mean time, he still managed to go into the character and act? Just wow. Cute. Read. Books. And not geeks. Perfect.

Owh. I saw him in Gag Concert cuts during ‘The Discoveries of Life’ segment with Shin Bora. He was so funny and I have no idea what the hell are they babbling about, but its still funny. LOL. I laughed to his skit and antics. So adorably cute. Okey, I need to stop using too much of  ‘cute’ word.


My favorite scene. Really funny. I almost pee-ed on my pants. Not literally. I am being serious. It was so funneeeehhh!!~ So crayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

And then we have..Park Shin Hye as the main actress. Again..I like her since You’re Beautiful era. I think, in this drama, she’s acted really well! Well, Heartstring did not do her justice. It was..errr…Okey? Yes..for me. Personally, I Iike her in this drama.  Park Shin Hye is really damn good actress,perfectly acts as Go Dok Mi. I could not imagine other actress can portrays Go Dok Mi as awesome as she was. Ngeeee~ Love her. She’s pretty..and young. Urghhh.. I feels old all of sudden.

We have….few line ups of cutesy flowery boys in the drama. I cannot resist the temptation not to smile to the cute visual. Again, I like cutesy shit. Dang! We got Kim Ji-Hoon, Go-Kyung-Pyo, and that Japanese guy, Watanabe Ryu. Wow. Just wow. Oh wait, I’m drooling on my keyboard. Huh.

A friend who watched it said these to me..(I edited what’s she said in more interesting way, LOL)

‘The drama is MYSTERIOUS’ and I was like, huh, and asked her back..why mysterious? ‘I can’t imagine what will happened next’ OMG. Nadoooo.. Me too!! But she re-phrase her statement again ‘Every characters have their own story, and somehow trying to hide their own real life’. She added, ‘The story line was clean, and those relevant flashback that cannot be predicted.’ ‘I thought  it will be a simple drama, but it was not’ OMG! You’re so right!

I asked my senior (who shared same interest on K-Drama with me)

‘The drama got lots of inner voice talking’ Inner voice talking? Really? LOL. I called it MONOLOGUE with yourself, eonnie. LOL. Or does she meant that the story got lots of scene that talking to herself/oneself? Hehehehe Don’t we all do that? LOL. Oh. I take it back. I don’t talk to myself. I talked to my laptop. HAHAHAHA. Not funny? Sorry. LOL

I am not sure whether I should disclose too many information here, a.k.a. spoiler. I think, I’ll stick to my stand before..not to disclose too many information here. So, I think I’ll better stop now. The drama is still ongoing and I believe there will more under its sleeves. They are really creative. I mean, the writers, producers..I wonder what they eat? That makes them so creative. Kimchi perhaps?

I am sure you guys will love it. (or is it me alone? lol). This drama would be entertaining and you cannot help but to fall in love with the drama. Ahhhhhhhhhh~

Credit to the pictures owner. Thank you!~


Oh! I would like to leave you with one of awesome cover song by LEDApple. Awesome job!