JYJ Delicious Pictures

I realized since yesterday that JYJ was in Japan for JYJ Lotte Fan Meeting, I read in JYJ3. I was jealous. I am..really..like I want to smack my head to the wall. I keep restraining myself from clicking the links. I am so jealous. Japanese fans are truly among the lucky fans in the world. They always get to meet those gorgeous unbelievable, lovable, smacking, effing handsome…man. Grrrr….

Jaejoong..smile..laugh..sexyness.. *fainted*

Yoochun…smile..laugh…dorkiness *wobbly knee..nearly fell*

Junsu…smile..laugh..beautiful voice… *dizzy*

One things about JYJ, they don’t have any bad angle..Double grrrrrr…. How can such a perfect creatures ever exist in this world?

I feel..butterfly flying around in my stomach and dizzy whenever I saw Jaejoong in those pictures..Perfect..flawless beauty. Jaejoongie, please don’t kill me with your smile.. Argghhhh… Jaejoong’s laugh..also is a deadly weapon. I just realized that..Jaejoongie..kind of skinny a bit. Or is it my eyes? Nevertheless, he still gorgeous as ever.

Please visit this link. 😀 http://jyj3.net/2012/04/22/hq-pic-pic-120422-jyj-in-lotte-fanmeeting-part-3/

And this…


Fanvids from the event…


Thank You, JYJ3. Truly awesome. For JYJ lovers like me.