Long Live..BROMANCE!~

I love bromance. I already predicted some interesting bromance will be happened between of casts..in my favorite drama..Dr. Jin & Rooftop Prince. And there are BROMANCE in the air!!! Yahhhhooooooo!!!!!!!

LOL. Now, I’m grinning like a lunatic. I am so happy. Really..I do..not literally.


Dr. Jin…Since the beginning, starting from the PC, Seung Hun Oppa already make his bromance moves with Lee Bum Soo Ahjushi. 🙂 And then..throughout the filming of the drama…they already…make…what shall we called it..perhaps.. three-some brotherhood? LOL. Dr. Jin’s Musketeers! Really? Daebak! WOOWOWOWOW.

Holding hands together already?? wOW
They really do looks like three-some bromance. LOL. Dr. Jin’s 3 Musketeers 🙂

Beside that, since Jaejoongie is such a friendly and nice guy, he already make his bromance with other fellow co-actors..Cool~. I love it!! He even tweeted several of  selca of him and the co-actors. Good sign…

Cute…Modern fusion. LOL
Cute Jaejoongie LOL

Now we move on to… Rooftop Prince…If on-screen relationship between the evil half-brother Tae Moo (Tae Sung) with Lee Gak/Yong Tae Yong was a bit shaky, but…off-screen…they are like truly BROTHERS! Yoochun affectionately called Tae Sung, ‘hyung’. they even hang out and drinking together. LOVE it..

I want more this kind of bromance….Please give me more. LOL. Yeah..I’m greedy.

Check this out Yoochun’s tweet. He got ‘that’ kind of relationship with Tae Sung

Sleepy head Yoochunnie with Tae Sung, a.k.a. the evil Tae Mu

OH MY GOD. I am so into this bromance thing. Do they have cure for this? HAHAHAHA. I think..I am a freak! HAHAHAHA!~

Before I end my post…

How can I forget this famous bromance….between the famous Joseon’s quartet..Sungkyunkwan’s F4 famous quartet..None other than..Soong Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In. OMG. They really look good together. Yoo Ah In & Soong Joong Ki have this somehow awkward friendship since they were nominated as best couple in KBS Drama Awards, 2010. LOL LOL LOL. They both came and supported Yoochun in JYJ’s concert last year..but look really awkward together. THANK GOD!!!~ They are back together now…IN CF!!! How cool is that??? They look so cute..check these pictures out. Love them~!

OMG! OMG! Love them both in this CF!~

Let’s have another one picture..shall we…

Gosh! They make me want to have that..polaroid camera. 🙂

Last but not least….I LOVE THIS SO FREAKING MUCH!~ SO CUTE!~ gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LOL LOL LOL. Cool Joong Ki. Bashful Ah In. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

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Dr. Jin Part 3

Thank god! They decided to drop ‘Time Slip’… I am not keen of that words anyway. THANK GOD!~

Wow. Just..wow..

I knew it! I just knew it! Lee Bum Soo ahjusshi and Jaejoong will shine in the drama. Totally. I mean..unbelievably cool and good acting from these 2 awesome person. 🙂

1st episode…I watched it via live streaming. Not pick up any words of it since it’s Joseon sageuk. Later, I watched it with subtitles. Started off in Joseon era then dragged to the future with Dr. Jin’s story. The story become suprisingly good after too much information on the first episode. I become obsess all of sudden. Anticipated on the storyline and the story are kind of unpredictable. I can’t guess what will happened next. Just wow. I watched live streaming of the 1st 2 episode and after that, I decided not to watch live streaming anymore. The buffering thingy was testing my patience to the maximum level. LOL. Rather wait for few days for better video quality and good subtitles. 🙂 Can’t believe it myself either, I can managed to stay calm not to watch this drama as soon as possible. Hahahhaa..Patience is virtue. LOL

My 1st impression on this drama…I was talking to myself..okey…this is good. Oppa Seung Hun seems good so far…but after that…his expression and acting kind of  lame to me. LOL. I was like, ‘What?? Man..you shouldn’t be like that!’  Pffftttttttttttttt!~ And..after that..I decided not to put any expectation on oppa. I just want to enjoy the drama. LOL.

Park Min Young..she’s does look like dongsaeng to Seung Hun. Maybe because Min Young look very young compared to him. I feel so wrong! Nevertheless…she’s good. I like her more in City Hunter. OMG..and she’s not outstanding enough in this drama like she was in City Hunter and SKKS. Am I being bias or delusional? Not sure about that. Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way. Arrghhhhh!!~

Piercing eyes..straight to my heart. Argghh..I’m in pain, Jaejoong-ah!!
Please kill me now. My oh my…

We have..Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak. Wow. Just wow.. I just don’t understand why some haters outthere said that he looked like having constipation. What?? I think those people are blind. Jaejoong in Dr. Jin…was beyond words. Less I expected that he talked in sageuk like he was living in that time period. So cool. His expression was…really. especially when his father shots his restless horse. His shocking and disbelief expression makes me think, he really does scared of his father and yet need to show his bravery and strong side to his father. Just wow. Don’t those haters knows? Are you guys blind or something? Next time, dear haters, please bring mirror whenever you’re having constipation and look at yourself. The reflection was the looks of people having constipation. Please do  your homework properly and aptly differentiate it.. Stupid moron. There are more scenes in the recent episodes that makes me feels, Jaejoong really into the character. Feels like proud mother every time I watched him in that drama. LOL. Good acting. You’ve really blossomed, my dear Jaejoong.


People calling you ‘Acting God’ now!!! Arrgghhhh ahjushi, you are really daebak!~

Let’s move on to my favorite ahjusshi of all time, Lee Bum Soo. OMG! He really shine in sageuk drama. Since I saw him in the 1st episode of this drama, I was hoping he will take more role in sageuk drama. LOVE HIM! He is awesome! Unbelievably awesome. He really into the role…makes me forget that this drama is his 1st sageuk drama. His facial expression are so good! This is good acting. Kudos to him. *bow*

‘I rules this drama with our Jaejoongie.’ LOL

Oh! I was screaming my lungs out when I heard Jaejoong’s voice at the end of the drama. Dr. Jin’s OST!!~ OMG. Living Like A Dream…really cool song. Keep playing it for thousands times already. Jaejoong have such a heavenly voice.  Wow. I’m melting. So sad..so touching…he is truly one of the best singer in Korea. :). The lyrics are so heartbreaking. Jaejoong is such multitalented guy. Love you more, Jaejoongie!!

I think I will end my post with the picture of how constipation looks like. Please bear in mind, oh dear haters!! This one is for you. Credit to mamajyj a.k.a itajyj. Please visit mamajyj’s blog. Click here, peeps!  Thanks eonnie for the picture!~ LOL!~

In Your Face!!!!~

Toodles folks!!!~

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