K-Drama Alert: Time Slip Dr. Jin Part 2

The moment of we all been waiting (dreading too) for quite sometimes already… drum rolls please..

Dr. Jin’s Press Conference!! *throw confetti*

Congratulation! OMG. I even bribe my IT guy in the office to penetrate the concrete firewall for the PC’s live streaming! LOL.

Anyway.. I just love the cast. Oh wait, didn’t I said this before? In part 1? IDK. LOL.

Let’s see here…

The introduction of the cast.

The awesome Dr. Jin line up/cast. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jaejoong really stand out, doesn’t he? Definition of hotness..you can look so sexy eventhough in traditional unique costume ๐Ÿ˜€

Least that I expected that Seung Hun Oppa (oh now, I call him oppa, great! LOL) make his appearance in sageuk commoners clothes. :). Very commoners indeed~. I thought he’ll be donned in doctor’s attire/lab coat? LOL. Not very interesting, right? He will be Dr. Jin.. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have…Park Min Young. Dressed in blue hanbok. She looks very pretty indeed. A bit refreshing since 90% in SKKS, she dressed as guy. LOL. I just love her soft expression. She will act as Yoo Mi-Na (present day) or Hong Young-Rae (In Joseon dynasty period).

And..then..(let me catch my breath first)…we have Jaejoong. KIM JAEJOONG!! OMG! OH MY GOD! OMO! OMO.


He looks so HANDSOME!~ (errr…I guess, nothing new on that). Him in sageuk costume, with top knot, his fair and perfect complexion..such a perfection!! How can a perfect human being ever exist in this world? I think even he dressed in sack, he will look so freaking handsome. Anyway, he looked so cool and charismatic in the official uniform (Am allowed to say uniform here? LOL). My handsome Officer Kim Kyung Tak!!~ *fangirling*

Next, we have my favorite ahjusshi. Lee Bum-Soo. Dressed in red hanbok, the official hanbok that wears by royalty/royal family when they want to enter the palace (If I remembered this fact correctly. Please do correct me if I’m wrong here) and fake beard! . Anyway.. he looks awesome. Charismatic ahjusshi. His first sageuk drama. He will act as Lee Ha-Eung, the actual historic figure. :).

Then we have Lee Soyeon..as Choon Hong, the famous gisaeng and yet mysterious in the drama. She appeared at the PC in gisaeng hanbok with some crazy hair-do, normal hair-do that they have in Joseon era. LOL. If it was me having that hair-do/hair-work, I will have neck pain after an hour. That’s for sure. Anyway, she’s pretty though. Wondering whether she will have crush to our Officer Kyung Tak. Emmm…interesting.

Bromance..Life is not complete without any bromance involved. Mine does. LOL. Anyway..I’m rooting for this bromance..

Jaejoong laughing. Seung Hun looking quite serious there, OMG. I can almost hear Jaejoong’s laughing now.

And this…

Jaejoongie and my favorite ahjusshi, Lee Bum Soo *grin*

Thank you for awesome rice wreath..contributed by Jaejoong fans..Really daebak. More than 23 tons of rice were donated. From more than 31 countries. AWESOME!

International fans of Jaejoong & JYJ are really DAEBAK!~ No words can describe how awesome those fans are.
Hey..Can you see SM, Jaejoong’s fans are awesome? We support him in spite of those malicious attacks you’d gave to them (JYJ) in order to us hate them? We stand stronger beside our Jaejoong & JYJ. ๐Ÿ˜€

For all Jaeharems out there…Jaejoongieย  is perfection..

Jaejoong walk like a hero or something. Oh My God! He’s so handsome makes me cried. How can a gorgeous human being ever existed?

That’s all for now! Toddles!!

Disclaimer: I don’t own these pictures. Credit to the owners and as tagged. Thank you very much.