Too Long…

Hi! Annyeonghaseyo.

I hope it is not too late to wish all lurkers/bloggers out there who came across my humble blog.

I abandoned this blog far too long.

Too many thing happened. Life goes on. Me..still the same.

Just… I’ve been to several places last year. Started of with Japan trip..ended with..again Japan trip in November..




Officially, I’m totally in love with Japan.


Oh! On K-drama..During my hiatus..I watched ALOT of dramas. Going to talk all about it SOON!!

Toodles! Love you guys. XOXO


K-Drama Alert: It is a cruel world..

This post might be kind of disturb to some people out there..

Another rookie actress committed suicide yesterday. I feel so bad with this so called ‘trend’ in Korean entertainment world. Somehow..some people do said that..entertainment world is indeed cruel world.Only the strong ones survived.

The rookie actress, who acted in one of the KBS drama called Love, Love and somehow caught in the situations that lead to difficult life after that.  Jung Ah Yool, 25 years old actress, even put several ‘interesting’ FB status before the misfortune event took place. She was lonely and troubled. Such a pretty lady.

I do not want to put any picture of her. In order to respect the deceased. Please rest in peace.

This lead me to reminisce other committed suicide case like…Park Yong Ha. A dear friend to our Jaejoongie. What a painful event. I was fond of him during Winter Sonata days. It is kind of devastating to hear this kind of story. Let’s hope together that no more cases like this happened. It is tough world..that world. Just keep strong…built the concrete perseverance and resistance.. To all those people in Korea. And all over the world. Suicide it is not the solutions. Live life to the fullest. Our life is too precious to simply let it go just like that.. Love yourself, love people around you. 🙂

Wow. This is rare..serious post I ever did. 🙂

Take care. Toodles!